Zombie Tsunami Game For Android, ios, pc and windows 7/8/XP

The worst thing about being an Android user is that you have to wait for all the highly anticipated games. It becomes even more painful when archrival Apple has all these games and Android doesn’t. Just recently, one of the most famous Apple games, Zombie Tsunami was released for Android.

Zombie Tsunami Game For Android, ios, pc and windows

Zombie Tsunami is a runner game. There are already quite a few runner games available on the Play Store. Some of them are top tier games and have successfully managed to retain the interest of the user. However, in the presence of these famous games, Zombie Tsunami has also managed to catch the interest of the user with the help of its very different approach and design.  Most of the new players try it only because it is an Apple product, however, once into the game they are hopelessly hooked to it.

Zombie, or the undead creatures, has become the most famous creatures to have found their way into the world of PC and Smartphone games, movies and TV series. Having partnered with a genre that has been excessively overused may have sounded absurd at first, however, for Zombie Tsunami, it has worked. The main menu of the game couldn’t have been simpler with options, missions, trophies, friends and social media, all lined up for your ready use. The interface is extremely simple and fails to attract at the very first glance. But the moment you start playing the game, it grabs your attention instantly.

Zombie Tsunami Game For Android, ios, pc and windows 2

Since, it is a runner, there is simply one single objective of the entire game: keep running until you have beaten all the zombies. The game has a side scrolling view. The gamer needs to run and eat people so that his horde can be increased. He also needs to collect coins and power so that he could last long enough. The runners are separated from each other by their powerups. The Tsunami power up creates a great tidal wave wiping out everything in your way. This power up is very useful because it collects everything. The Ninja power up offers you an ability to double jump and wade through obstacles at the second level. This power up must be upgraded as soon as possible because it can result in a disadvantage.

The game can be downloaded from the following link:

Zombie Tsunami Game For Android, ios, pc and windows 7/8/XP

The Dragon power up turns you into a New Year Dragon that can slow your descent after jumping. The Giant Zombie power up transforms your horde into a single alien with many eyes. The Giant creature can shoot lasers form its eyes. However, if you are hurt while you are in this Giant form, you will lose a few zombies from the horde.

There are several other kinds of power ups that present their own advantages while you are playing the game. Zombie Tsunami offers quirky looks and impressive visuals. The background is very colorful and changes frequently. The zombies resemble aliens rather than the undead scary creature they are supposed to be. The game offers several missions for the competitive gamer. These are simple and easy missions that can be accomplished with just a little effort.

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