World Craft 2 Game Free Download For PC, Android Windows 7/8/XP

World Craft 2 is perfect for all those who are fans of block building. The game sets itself apart with its offering of connection with people all across the globe. Their creations can be taken and explored offline. The game bears a lot of resemblance with Minecraft in terms of play-style and graphics. The game offers two kinds of game-play namely creative mode and the other is survival mode.

World Craft 2 Game Free Download For PC, Android Windows

It is being considered as a free alternative for minecraft and is readily available on Google play store for all to download. World craft 2 can be downloaded from click Here on all android phones.

The game basically allows its users to create their very virtual worlds. These worlds are created with the help of building blocks and other objects. However it gets even more interesting in multiplayer mode where creation can be done mutually with the help of people from all over the world. It is similar to Minecraft but when it comes to variation and number of items, world craft 2 seems to lack in this department as there are only limited number of items available. The movement and controls offered by the game can be termed as clumsy. The graphics are very basic and no special visuals are available. The game is pixilated and there in feature of music or other sound effects present.

World Craft 2 Game Free Download For PC, Android Windows

The game offers a self strategy game-play and allows users to work with their own creativity and imagination. This is the very reason for its addictive nature. The game has managed a five star rating on play store which speaks for its positive customer feedback. Following are some of the pros and cons of the game experienced in general:


  • The highlighting feature of this particular game is its gripping game play. The game is very easily addictive as mentioned by most customers. Getting hooked to this game is fairly easy especially when it comes to people interested in building blocks.
  • The game offers a creative mode that allows multiplayer facility at once. This has led to connection of people and has created excitement for the users.
  • It is possible to chat with other players in the game in the multiplayer option. This allows users to work through the game and socialize with people of similar interests at the same time.


  • One of biggest drawbacks recorded for world craft 2 is its lack of items. The game is in dire need of placement of more items for a fuller feel and to keep the interest going for all the users.
  • The basic graphics of this game need improvement. There is noticeable pixilation and everything seems very basic. Advancement in the graphics can lead to a bigger user base.
  • The controls have been somewhat complained about. Users tend to express the controls as clunky.

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