Viber Free Download for Mobile, PC, Android, iPhone and iPad

With the enhanced need for information and data sharing and growing trends in technology making this world a global village, the need for better mediums of communication and connection are also increasing. In this regard the information technology industry is playing a major role. A large number of messenger and communication apps are available for various types of mobile phone devices and gadgets. Viber is one such very popular and widely used app in the market.

Viber Free Download

It is free of cost and the users can download viber 3.1 apk from the following websites:

Viber is a very popular application that helps mobile and smart device users to connect and communicate all over the world. As per statistics around 200 million people are currently using this app. It allows its users to send text messages, make voice calls and send and receive images or videos. It works well with wifi as well as 3G and 4G internet connections.

Viber Free Download

Viber is compatible with a variety of software and operating systems including Android, Windows, Black berry, iOS and Mac. One of the best factors about viber is that it is free of cost and does not slow down with advertisements. Viber is popular for its free texting and calling features. It allows you to sync all your phone contacts and then displays all those people who use viber in your contact list. Viber allows formation of groups with up to 40 users at a time. This saves the hassle of sending individual messages instead all conversations can be made in groups. Viber has a geographic positioning system installed in it. As such it has the capability of displaying the position of the users using this software. The notifications provided or the alerts made during incoming calls or text messages are clear and prominent. You can even receive notification with your viber is turned off. Whenever you will come online the messages will be delivered to your device. The software of viber is integrated with the OS of the device allowing it to easily share multimedia files saved in the device. The interface is very user friendly and easy to operate and navigate.  Because it is widely used around the globe, the app is not restricted to English language. It can be used in over 20 different languages.

In many cases, people find complications in downloading and operating viber on the mobile devices. But with the introduction of the Viber 3.1 APK this problem has also been resolved now you can download it on your PC operated through windows or Mac and then transfer it to your mobile device. Many of the bugs present in the previous viber versions have also been removed and features have been upgraded. New communication languages have also been added to the list.

So anyone who wants to have an extraordinary communication experience, and that too with no extra charges or fees, then download viber 3.1 apk and enjoy the unlimited communication features and services.

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