Vector for PC Windows 8/7/Vista/XP: Free Download Online Games

Vector is a free running arcade game which has been developed by Nekki and released on Microsoft Windows for Personal Computers. Vector Game for PC is available for Free Download over the web, and you can also Play Vector Game Online on your Laptop or PC. The Vector Game for Laptop or PC has become popular among the gamers, and they are sharing their views about the game.

The game is a never ending one and the player has to guide the character through various obstacles and run away from a mysterious identity. The antagonist in Vector is equipped with a Taser and uses it on the player once he gets close enough. Vector has been set up in the future and the player has to escape from the jaws of brutality and earn his freedom.

Vector For PC online Game

Download Vector For PC through Bluesstacks Installer

  • Download Bluestacks Installer
  • Now install it into your PC and open Bluestacks from desktop shortcut icon
  • Now, you have to download Vector APK file from here
  • Then click on that APK file after you have installed Bluestacks
  • Vector for PC is completely installed into your Computer
  • Enjoy playing it into your PC now!

In this way, you will be able to Play Vector Game Online at PC Windows 8/7/Vista/XP. Hence it may be a best choice, if you Download Vector Game APK at your PC. According to some sources, it has also come to our knowledge that you can Play Vector Game Online on your Laptop or PC.

The game is pretty fast as far as its pace is concerned and the player has a difficult task at hand of jumping over allies from one building to another, going under water and passing through different hurdles.


Vector contains many different levels in which the player can play. Each level has a unique environment and a different type of obstacles which the player has to face. The levels include construction site, downtown and Technology Park. Construction site consists of several unfinished buildings and construction material while downtown is a proper town with roads and buildings around it.

The Gameplay:

The game tests the reflexes of the player to the core and is quite tough to play. Every now and then, the player finds himself mistiming a jump and falling into the ally or getting shocked by the villain who is chasing him frantically all the time. Timing the jumps to perfection prompts the in-game character to run away faster than usual and momentarily escape the reach of the antagonist only for him to gain back the advantage.

Game Controls:

The controls of the game are extremely simple and the protagonist can be controlled by using only the four directional buttons. The up button makes the character jump, while the rest of the keys guide him in their respective directions. Later on in Vector, three more keys are registered as controls in the game with the addition of several power ups which guide the player better.

The Power ups:

Vector contains an in game currency which can be earned by making as much progress as possible. The currency can then be used for purchasing power ups which aid the player in the game. Real life money can also be used for buying the in game currency which allows the player to unlock the power ups without having to play the game much.

The game does not come without its share of shortcomings though as the player has to redo the starting levels several times to earn more coins and accumulate enough in game currency to buy the power ups. But other than that, Vector is a very interesting game which tests the reflexes and responding ability of the player and challenges him to his abilities. It is also very light weight and occupies very small space which is another huge plus.

Vector Game for Android Mobiles: Available on Google Play Store

If you want to download Vector for Android Mobiles, you can  Download vector for Android at Google Playstore. The Game has become popular, so a lot of people are trying to play Vector on Mobiles, PCs, Laptops, etc.

How to Download Vector Game for PC

Whereas you can Free Download various Online Games for PC, the Vector For PC is also available for Free Download on various sites.

The game can be downloaded from a variety of sources on the internet. You can Click Here to Free Download Vector For Windows PC, Laptops, Computers etc. Please also share your experience after playing Vector Game Online at your PC.

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