UC Browser Free Download For PC

Developed and launched in 2004 by UC Web, UC Browser is a mobile browser with a range of features and functions. At the time it was originally introduced, it was a J2me- only application, but with the passage of time and changes in the information and communication technologies, the company upgraded and evolved it through various phases. These days the UC browser is available for usage on almost all kinds of mobile and PC devices. These include iOS, Android, windows, blackberry, Symbian and J2me. The users can download UC browser from various platforms and websites.

Initially the app had only limited functions and features but gradually it has developed into one of the most downloaded and used mobile browser in the world. As per statistics, the app has more than 450 million users all over the world and the number is still growing.

UC Browser Free Download For PC

The browser has several useful and advantageous features and properties to offer.  It is based on the very famous cloud accelerator technology. Data compression is carried out to enhance the speed and swiftness of the browser.  The process of data transmission through the browser is pretty simple. It uses data compression to compress all the websites and pages and then send it to the users of the browser upon demand.  Hence the websites and pages are loaded and opened at a very fast pace.  The browser has flexible and adaptable technical qualities. It can easily adhere to various networking environments and due to this it also allows downloads from the internet in different file formats.  The UC browser app is most likely by its users because of the provision of cloud sync capabilities and the complimenting features of HTML 5 web app.  Although the number of people using UC browser is constantly growing, it is most frequently used on smart devices with android technology.

Over the years the UC web development company has made many improvements and additions to the original UC browser. The latest new feature that it is offering is the Easy downloading Mode. This allows the people to use their smart phones as a good resource collection point. This feature helps displays all downloadable material on a webpage in a simple list. Users can easily select the content they want to download and skip whatever is unnecessary.  The interface is extremely user friendly and easy to use. It is comfortable and users face no complications in its functions and operations.

Sources of two such websites are provided below:

The UC browser also has the page preloader feature added to it. This means that to enhance speed of browsing, the app pre loads the next page on the website in preemption.  Hence once the user click the next button the page is already ready to be viewed.  The app now comes with extension in language options and font selection features.  It also has an image viewing feature and the home page widget. So for all those internet browsers who want to have a fast browsing experience UC browser is a must.

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