Truecaller: The New Call and SMS Blocking App in Town

Blocking calls and SMS was never just a click away but now it is; thanks to Truecaller. This is a relatively new app on Google Play store that boasts a fan following of almost 25 million users. This app comes in two versions; the free and premium version. Truecaller not only blocks calls and SMSs but also has a wide variety of different features. Now you don’t have to become a victim of obnoxious callers anymore, just download Truecaller and relax.

Truecaller: The New Call and SMS Blocking App in Town

How Truecaller Really Works

This call and SMS blocking application is comes with a fairly simple blacklist in which you can add numbers. But you will have to activate the SMS blocking feature by going into settings menu. However, there is a downside to this app; it does not have the ability to block whole area codes nor partial numbers. Once a number is blacklisted, the caller hears a ‘busy’ tone whenever he calls and you won’t have to cut the call. But you will receive a notification on the screen every time you get calls from a blacklisted number.

However, users receive no notifications when SMSs are sent from a blocked number and neither can the blocked text messages be viewed. Also, users can set Truecaller to automatically block all calls that appear on your screen as ‘unknown’ or ‘blocked’.

Truecaller: The New Call and SMS Blocking App in Town

Caller ID Feature of Truecaller

Truecaller’s Caller ID feature is pretty impressive. Whenever a user receives a call from a number that is not saved in the contact list, it generates a name and picture of the caller itself using its own community directory. The origin of the call can also be traced with the help of a map. While most call blocking applications offer to block about 25 numbers, Truecaller can block unlimited numbers.

Truecaller and Social Media

Another feature in Truecaller that many users find useful is that you can log into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. By doing so, you can get updates of statuses and pictures of your friends on your android phone’s screen. There is a reverse call searching feature too, in Truecaller through which you can look up numbers. You can search up to 30 numbers every month using Truecaller.

Users can also use Google+ to find out numbers and can send text messages directly using the app so you can even confirm fishy numbers this way.

Pros and Cons of Truecaller

Just like any other app, Truecaller also has its own pros and cons.

  • An unlimited block list is definitely a pro because other call blocking applications can only block up to 25 numbers.
  • One of the cons is that Truecaller cannot block whole area codes and partial numbers and the activation process is a bit tricky.

If you’re looking for a new call and SMS blocking application for your Android phone, download true caller today at Click Here. Truecaller truly is a one of a kind call blocking app that shows how technology has become so advanced over the years.

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