Traffic Racer Game Free Download For PC Windows 8/7/XP

Traffic Racer is a video game which has been released on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Traffic Racer Game for PC is also available for Free Download on Apps Stores. If you are crazy about the Racing Games, then you must have Traffic Racer on PC and Mobile. It is one of the best entertaining games, which you can play online and offline.

Here we have brought up the tutorial to Free Download Traffic Racer Game for PC Windows 8, Windows 7 and XP. You may also play Traffic Racer Game Online over the web, but i am not sure whether it is available or not for playing online.

The main task for the player in the game is to drive a selected car and guide it through the traffic. The graphic quality of Traffic Racer is one of its strongest qualities and makes the game, fun to play. It is a 3D game which makes it even more fun to play and enables the player to see more of the car and track details.

Traffic Racer contains nineteen different cars which can be played with and each car is different from the rest. The specifications of the vehicles in the game have been very clearly defined and each car has its own acceleration, top speed and handling characteristic. The traffic which the player comes across is also quite diverse and contains many trucks, wagons, buses, Lorries, cars and SUVs.

Traffic Racer Game Modes:

Traffic Racer provides the player with an opportunity of playing and competing in four different game modes. Each mode has its own requirements and the racer has to play each mode in a different way to achieve the goals and win.

One game mode which is a part of the game is the ‘endless’ mode. In this mode, the player can drive a car along a very long route and be a part of a long and challenging race. Another mode is the ‘Two way’ mode in which the racer has to drive his ride to a point and bring it back as well. Time Trial is another game mode in Traffic Racer in which the player is allotted a specific amount of time and has to complete the length of the track in the given time failing to do which results in the player being disqualified. The last game mode in Traffic Racer is the ‘Free Run’ mode. In this mode, the racer can drive around the city without any objective and can either drive slow or fast without worrying about losing the race.


Traffic Racer also allows the player to upgrade his car by using the in game currency. The currency can be accumulated by driving fast and skillfully while avoiding any accidents and ending the race before consuming the given time. Doing so helps the driver in getting bonus points as well which pave the way for him to set a high score.

The upgrades which have been included in the game make the cars quicker and more stable by adding to their top speed, acceleration and handling. Different parts like a better engine, new tires and brakes can be added to the vehicles which improve the performance and allow the player to get better scores.

How to install the Traffic Racer Game on PC Windows 7/8/XP?

Traffic Racer Free Download Links are available on various sites, where from you can download the Racing Game i.e. Traffic Racer. So you can Click Here to Free Download Traffic Racer for Computers, Laptops or other types of PCs. Traffic Racer can be downloaded from different sites and is available for free. One such link is given below:

The game can be downloaded by simply clicking the link which guides the user further. An extraction program opens up which installs the game’s files in the computer and makes it available to play. Traffic Racer Android Version may also be available over the web for playing the game on Mobiles, Tabs and other android devices.

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