Total Conquest Game Free Download for Android, ios, pc and windows

Total Conquest is a builder and strategy game which is very famous. The user is required to make a Roman town complete with 3D buildings and resources. These are very rich in color and extremely fine in details. Apparently, the game is based on the Clash of Titans from which the gameplay is ripped. The production values of the game are remarkable. In simple words, Total conquest has managed to fulfil every expectations of the gamer that were abound owing to the fact that it is being created by Gameloft.

Total Conquest Game Free Download for Android, ios, pc and windows

The game is great fun to play, however, there are no new mechanics in the game other than the ones already established by the Clash of Clash of clans and the one so that came before it.

Those users who have had the experience of playing a game from Gameloft before, would know that the production values for which the company is famous. The music as well as the art of the game is par excellence. The 3D offers sever benefits and no disadvantage.

The animation of the characters is extra smooth with everything crisp even when the user zooms in while in action. The user is also able to adjust the vertical angle of viewing with the help of two fingers. Even the low isometric mode allows ample flexibility. If the camera could also rotate in order to encompass the buildings from several angles, it would have added to the value. However, simply the vertical angle adjustment is pretty good enough.

Total Conquest Game Free Download for Android, ios, pc and windows

Gameplay is a replica of the Clash of clan with the bulk re themed. Anyone who has played the former will have no difficulty in getting the hang of this one.

The user is required to build his/her base and raise armies in order to attack other bases for stealing their resources. A single player game will require battling through at least 50 different levels comprising four enemies. By paying a small fee, u user can find the base of another user so that it can be attacked. Income resources are enhanced through constant raids.

Total conquest can be downloaded for free from the following link:

Total Conquest Game Free Download for Android, ios, pc and windows

There are also options for teaming up and forming legions, and reinforcements to each other that can be deployed during raids. When players are able to succeed, they are awarded Glory.

There are a few innovation in Total Conquest. There is a defensive tower for storing troops. These troops can come out when he base is attacked. These troops are not part of your army and are not counted as such. These troops, however, cannot be deployed for an attack on another base. Legions can give resources as gift and can also offer reinforcements when you are in a defensive position.

Total conquest is a great game both in terms of sound and design. The look of the game is highly polished. The sound is simply awesome that rouses the player. The bangs, smashes and other sounds that you expect from a combat game are all present.

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