Telegram: The Non Profit App That Has Taken Over Google Play Store by Storm

Unlike Whatsapp, Kik, Hike and We Chat; Telegram running on top of the Google Play store these days right after Facebook. The reason why this app is ruling over the Play store is because the messaging service is not only free but secure too. Ever since the NSA confessed to snooping through everyone’s phone; cell phone users around the world started worrying about their privacy being invaded. In such a situation, Telegram was like a breath of fresh air. If you are looking for an app through which you can communicate with your friends and family safely, Telegram is your best option.

Telegram The Non Profit App That Has Taken Over Google Play Store by Storm

Telegram is developed by the owners of Russian company, VK; Pavel and Nikolai Durov. The secure and fun app came out soon after the Edward Snowden issue became heated all around the world. Even though the company that developed VK became blacklisted, the app still made its way to the top in app stores of various countries.

At first glance, you might feel that Telegram is a dead ringer of Whatsapp and Snapchat but as you keep using it daily, you’ll see why Telegram is better than Whatsapp. The wallpapers and ‘read’ signs are pretty similar to that of Whatsapp. You can also send pictures and videos; check everyone’s status, locations and contacts; all same as Whatsapp and other instant messaging apps. But Telegram is faster and safer. Bug bounties of up to $200,000 are offered to anyone who can find their way into the app illegally. This super safe app was created in order to provide a safe means of communication that cannot be traced by Russian secret agencies.

Telegram The Non Profit App That Has Taken Over Google Play Store by Storm

If you’re still not convinced that Telegram is the best app for instant communication these days, here are some unique features of this app that will convince you.

  • There is a built in feature in Telegram that lets a user activate ‘secret chats’ with close friends. This option is what makes this app so amazing. The secret chat option offers bulletproof encryption, leaving absolutely no trace of the conversation on the company’s servers. Self destructing timers can also be set to destroy messages automatically with a time limit of two seconds to one week.
  • The encryption ‘key’ logo is used to show the level of security of the ongoing conversation.
  • The Telegram instant messaging app was, is and always will be free since it works as a nonprofit organization.
  • Telegram does not display any ads either.
  • Members in group chats can be as many as 100 while Whatsapp only allows 50 members in one group chat.

Telegram app is free and can be downloaded from:

Telegram The Non Profit App That Has Taken Over Google Play Store by Storm

Since December, this application has been downloaded over a 100,000 times by users in Middle Eastern countries. Telegram is definitely a godsend in times when the NSA has left no stone unturned in their endeavors to gain access to privileged information of users all around the world.

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