Tango for PC Windows 7/8/XP: Free Download

Tango has become one of the famous Social Media Android Applications for Mobile. If you are trying to Free Download Tango for PC (Windows 7/8/XP), then you have come to the right place. Now you can run Mobile Apps on PC and Laptops by following our easy tutorials.

If you’ve heard of Skype and Viber and Whatsapp then understanding Tango should be a breeze. However no harm in a little formal introduction now, is there? Tango is best described as a completely packaged social app. How so? Not only does it include the ‘regular’ features of instant messages, photo sharing and commenting, live calls but a lot more.

An account on Tango means you can be searched by any of the thousands of other Tango users. Users can interact through pictures, comments, and discussion threads, channels of the top brands, multiplayer games with leader boards and a lot more. In nutshell it is a complete package for the social media fanatics and casual users alike.

Tango for PC

First time setup

The procedure is the same as for a phone. Your details, phone number and name, are required first time. After that it’s all automated. Tango will sync up your account contacts and other details and export them to your PC for the app to use. This seamless integration really adds to the overall functionality of the application



Coming over to the PC version for Tango the first thing you notice is that the application retains the cell phone feel, literally. The initial version came with an iPhone skin and a view same as that of a smart phone. At a convention where the PC app was on display, people actually tried touching the LCD monitor expecting it to respond. It seems like compactness gives a good feel even on PC LCDs.

Free calls!

The PC app allows you to make free calls to all Tango users worldwide. This feature forms the standard for most of the apps of its kind like Skype, Face time and so on. However excellent call quality and free VoIP makes for a noteworthy feature nonetheless. With a strong Wi-Fi connection you can seamlessly video chat with friends and family as well.

In-call features are currently limited to video chat and muting only. You do not have to make a specific video calling rather you can simply switch between video and audio during a call. This helps with unpredictable Wi-Fi connections where you can easily switch to audio when performance starts to drop. Conference calls are not current available and will be added soon.

Messages and social sharing

Tango for PC improves the socializing experience altogether. With the added implements of a mouse and keyboard, not to mention a much, much larger screen you can now easily send and receive messages from multiple users as well as browse through the latest in your subscribed channels and more.


  • Good quality video and audio calls.
  • Free to use among Tango users
  • Well programmed application


  • Video and even audio at times can go out of sync.
  • Limited features. No option for conference calls.

Bottom line

Tango for PC really improves on the Tango experience. There are tremendous uses for this app both, for the casual users as well as in work place settings. As far as poor call quality is concerned, on the whole the app performs great considering its free to use.

Download Tango for PC

To Download Tango on PC or Laptop, you should follow the below mentioned tutorial.

  1. Downoad Tango Installation package on your PC: Download Tango
  2. After downloading the Tango Application on PC, follow the step by step guide to install Tango App.
  3. After Installation of Tango App on PC, you will see the mobile version on your screen along with a sign up form.
  4. Fill the Tango Signup Form and click submit.
  5. Now you need to verify Tango Mobile App through the verification code
  6. After the Verification, your Tango App is ready to work on Personal Computer (PC) or Laptop.
  7. Now You can share your contacts and other information with your Friends. The automatic process will synchronize your Contacts with Tango for PC.

After completing the Tango Installation on PC, you can chat with your friends and family member from your PC. We have brought up the amazing and easy guide to use Tango on PC or Laptop. In addition to Tango For PC, there are also many other Android Applications for PC, which you can download to your PC instead of Mobile Phone.

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