Talking Tom Cat 2 Free Download For PC Android, iOS, Mac and Windows

Talking Tom Cat 2 is a game which has been released on Android and iOS. The application does impressions of whatever is recorded and fed to it in audio voice and ‘Tom the cat’ says it back in its own comical voice. The cat can also be tickled by touching it on the screen and many other actions can also be performed.

Talking Tom Cat 2 Free Download

Talking Tom Cat 2 has been developed by Outfit7 and has its headquarters in London and developing offices in the United States, Cyprus, South Korea and Slovenia. The characters in the game also repeat after the text which is added to the application and it also contains some videos which have been developed by Disney and Hollywood. The game is one of the most downloaded ones on iOS and Android and has recorded more than 1.5 billion downloads.

Talking Tom Cat 2 contains a variety of tones and accents in which the cat can talk. The user can also adjust the speed with which the cat speaks which helps to increase the clarity as well. The episodes of the cat repeating stuff can be recorded as well and be posted and shared on YouTube and Facebook. There are many in app purchases which allow the user to use more tones and accents.

 Talking Tom Cat 2 Free Download

Talking Tom Cat 2 also has other features in addition to the voice changing option of the application. The user can poke the cat in the midriff, on the head and pull its legs and push it to react in a funny manner.The player can also throw water on the cat which annoys it and makes it react angrily. The cat can also be fed by pouring some milk for it and it results in a happy reaction by it. The user can also make the cat scratch the screen of the phone by using its claws.

Talking Tom Cat 2 Free Download

In Talking Tom Cat 2, the user can also grab the tail of Tom and pull the cat around in a very funny way. Tapping on the screen results in the cat being punched and the user can throw multiple punches at Tom as well.The cat can only take as many punches and after being beaten for a time, it starts seeing stars around its head at which moment, no more punches can be thrown at it for a limited amount of time.

Talking Tom Car 2 can be downloaded on Android by using the following link:

Talking Tom Cat 2 Free Download

Over the last few years following the release of Talking Tom Cat 2, many user-made videos have been released on the internet on some social media platforms.Some videos include News with Tom, a Lady Gaga song being sung by the cat and Tom performing a Gangnam Style dance. In some videos, Angela the cat has also been shown who is described as the crush of Tom the cat. A video has been uploaded which shows Tom meeting Angela for the first time as well,

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