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Garageband For iOS, Android, PC and Windows

Garageband For iOS, Android, PC and Windows

Garageband is an app created by Apple which covers everything related to music and designed especially for budding musicians and podcasters. Like most apps, Garageband’s original version, 1.0 was loved by iOS users since it came with a wide range of amazing apps. But for some loyal Garageband users, the 2.0 version was a bit of a disappointment. Even though, Garageband was created especially for iOS, it can still be used on Android smart phones and Windows. If you didn’t know there was an app named Garageband; read on, download the app and see it for yourself. At a first glance, the newer version of Garageband comes with the ability to store more music, better inter app compatibility, an option for synchronizing files with iCloud, ability to share via Air Drop and a comparatively flexible sampler. Even though the application has been updated, it still pretty much works the same way like it used to. First of all, Garageband is a free application that can be downloaded through the iTunes store but the device should be running on iOS 7. In app purchases that can be made in order to add more advanced features costs $5. Garageband’s free version comes ... Read More »

Photo Booth Fo PC, iOS, Android, iphone, Mac and Windows 7/8/xp

Photo Booth For iOS, Android, PC, iphone, Mac and Windows

Photo Booth is a software application that takes photos and videos with an iSight camera designed by Apple Inc. for iOS and OS X that are only available on the iPad and iPad Mini. Photo Booth contains a single window having a viewer that provides a preview when you take photo snapshots or capture videos. Thumbnails of saved videos and photos are displayed at the bottom of the window. These pictures and videos can be seen and played by double clicking on the thumbnails. How it works? By clicking on the large red button underneath the preview area will start a countdown of 3-seconds, after which a picture is taken or a video clip starts recording, based on the settings that you have selected. Effects can also be applied by choosing the required effects form the ‘Effects’ button. Moreover, backdrops can also be applied to give an effect that is similar to a green screen. When a backdrop is chosen, a message on the window appears asking the user to step aside from the camera. Once the background is checked thoroughly, the user comes forward again in front of the camera and the image of the user is then shown ... Read More »

Camera 360 For ios, Android, PC and Windows

Camera 360 For PC Free Download

Camera 360 Ultimate is a photo editing software available for smart phone users. With the increased focus of smart device users on photography and image sharing, photo edition is a top most priority apps for many of them. Among the several hundreds of photo enhancement and edition tools available in the market camera 360 is a real effective one. The application comes with a steep load of fun and extraordinary tools and features. The app provides two types of tools. One in which you can make live adjustments to the picture as soon as it is captured and the second option is to add filters and edition tools afterwards. The camera 360 is not an ordinary or casual time of photo enhancement software rather it focuses on professional level of editing. Although the app lacks basic features like cropping, rotation, brightness adjustments and contrasting but at the same time it offers some of the finest and most diverse kinds of filters and shooting modes. An example of the high class and unique shooting modes of camera 360 is the magic skin. This mode is specially designed for taking self photos. The app provides a long list of filters that can ... Read More »

Power Cam free download For iOS, Android, PC, iphone, Mac and Windows

Power Cam free download For iOS, Android, PC, iphone, Mac and Windows

One of the most wanted features of the mobile device users is the camera hardware and software. When making the decisions for buying a smart phone, most people look at the camera options and properties. There are several different types and variations of camera applications available on the android and other operating systems of the smart phones. These help improve and enhance the quality of the images and video clips captured by the mobile camera. One such very popular picture enhancement software or app is the Power cam. The power helps boost up the various features of the mobile phone by offering additional services. The Power Cam is a great application for those who are fond of photography and image shooting. It offers great features some of which are only applicable to images while other can also be implemented on videos. For the iPad users the power cam comes in a special HD version. You can download the powercam from the following link: The various features offered by the power cam for iOS include the following: There are more than 120 special effects that can be added to images including the retro style, flashback, sketch and many more. The user ... Read More »

PhotoScape Free Download , Windows 7/8/XP

PhotoScape Free Download

PhotoScape is a photo editing program which can be downloaded for free on Microsoft Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The program is one of the top photo viewing and editing softwares and is incredibly quick, efficient and has a large number of really eye catching features. The software was developed by a Korea based company called MOOII Tech and released as a fun photo editing app which can also be used for viewing thumbnails. PhotoScape has English and Korean as the built-in languages but other language codecs can also be downloaded free of cost. Features: PhotoScape contains a variety of excellent features and is the program with the most features available with it being absolutely free of cost. Even though it has a large number of options which can be used, the software is absolutely light weight and does not put an awful lot weight on the processor which is a huge plus. The most basic feature of PhotoScape is its photo editing option which allows the users to go through a variety of options. It also allows the users to view photos which have either been edited or not and has a slideshow feature too.The editing features which are ... Read More »

Facetime Free Download For iOS, Android, PC, iphone, Mac and Windows

Facetime free download

Facetime is a video calling software which has been released by Apple Inc. and released on iOS and Mac.The program can be downloaded on any Apple device which has a front camera called the Facetime camera. Similarly, the audio is available on any device which has iOS 7 or later as its operating system. Features: Facetime is the ultimate video telephony software which can be downloaded on any Apple device with the required specifications. The program allows the users to engage with each other in video calls as well as audio only exchanges. Facetime is known for its quality superiority over the other similar types of softwares which include the likes of Skype and Viber. By using the program, the users can make group calls as well as one to one connections. Groups can easily be made and the users can be added without any inconvenience which is another huge plus for the callers. The application also has an instant massaging option which allows the users to have small short term interactions with each other. Some emoticons and other graphics have also been included in the software which can add fun and color to the conversation. Adding and removing people ... Read More »

iCloud Free Download For iOS, Android, PC, iphone, Mac and Windows

iCloud Free Download

iCloud is at present the world’s most generally utilized distributed storage administration, arriving at 300 million clients in April 2013.that’s an assume that beats Microsoft’s OneDrive, at 250 million clients in May, also Dropbox, which just arrived at the 100 million client turning point in November a year ago. Yet while its opponents from Dropbox, Microsoft, Box.com and Google are generally utilized within business, iCloud has created a notoriety for being a short of what perfect business instrument. Simply run a Google seek on “iCloud” and “Business” and you’ll see precisely what we mean. Why this, and – all the more significantly – what’s going on with Apple to settle it? iCloud’s issues as a distributed storage administration for business are part and package of the reasons why it was made in any case. iCloud fills in as the connective tissue between different OSX and iOS gadgets, guaranteeing that the information and reports you use on, say, your iPad, will likewise be duplicated over your MacBook Pro portable computer and your iPhone as well. It’s additionally intended to make media documents available over all these gadgets, whether we’re discussing your iTunes music library or your iPhoto Photo Stream.   That ... Read More »

PicsArt Free Download For iOS, Android, PC, iphone, Mac and Windows

PicsArt Free Download

PicsArt is a photo editing software which has been on Windows Phone, Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows. The application provides all the basic and advanced tools which can be used for modifying pictures and making them better by applying different effects and filters.PicsArt can also be used for sharing photos on different social websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Features: The most basic and important feature of PicsArt is its photo editing. There are a large number of filters which can be used for imparting a completely different layer to the photo giving it a ravishing look. The filters which can be added on the pictures include black and white, punch, instant, bleach, x process and blue. By using PicsArt, the brightness and contrast adjustments can also be made to any photo file. The user can easily brighten or darken the photo on a range from zero to hundred percent. Similarly, the contrast helps the user to add more color identity to a dark picture or a photo with weak colors. PicsArt can prove to be ‘THE’ tool when it comes to cropping a picture, tilting it or rotating it. Any photo can easily be cropped by selecting the desired ... Read More »

Kakao Talk Free Download For PC, iphone, Android, iOS, Mac and Windows

Kakao Talk Free Download

KakaoTalk is a messaging application which has been released on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone as well as on Microsoft Windows. The application can be used for exchanging text messages with an individual or a group of people and is one of the most downloaded applications. KakaoTalk allows people to find each other and add them as contacts by synchronizing the application with the phone’s contact list. Features: The most basic and important feature of the app is its instant messaging option. This feature allows the users to exchange messages with each other straightaway and consumes very little time. KakaoTalk also has a wide number of cute and eye catching emoticons which can be used to add emotion and color to the messages. The application has the ability to accommodate a large number of characters in one message which makes it easier for the users to convey all the want in a single message and eradicates the need of putting together multiple messages. KakaoTalk also has an instant voice message button which makes it possible for the user to record and send an audio note on the go. An interesting feature of KakaoTalk is the Walkie-Talkie option which makes it ... Read More »

Grindr Free Download For PC, iphone, Android, iOS, Mac and Windows

Grindr Free Download

Grindr, the well-known “geosocial networking” iPhone application for gay men, has more than a million clients in 180 nations, including Iraq, Iran, and Haiti. It’s been known as a “progressive dating instrument”, furthermore “the scariest gay bar on earth that is everywhere throughout the earth.” From his virtual bar stool, creator Matt Kapp deciphers the most widely used language of advanced mobile phone helped gay dating and marvels whether Grindr can interpret into hetero. Grindr cases its application has more than a million clients in more than 180 nations, including Sri Lanka, Djibouti, Haiti, Iraq, and Iran, places where being gay can get you murdered. At the same time no place is Grindr more prominent than in the U.K., where there are more than 160,000 clients, which implies, in the wake of conforming for populace, very nearly twice the same number of gay Brits use Grindr as gay Americans do. London tops the arrangement of urban areas, with 62,000 Grindr clients, which the organization gladly calls attention to is “1 in every 60 male Londoners.” Users use a normal of 1.3 hours a day logged on. Unabashedly gay superstar handyman and passionate technophile Stephen Fry acquainted Grindr with British TV ... Read More »

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