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Garageband For iOS, Android, PC and Windows

Garageband For iOS, Android, PC and Windows

Garageband is an app created by Apple which covers everything related to music and designed especially for budding musicians and podcasters. Like most apps, Garageband’s original version, 1.0 was loved by iOS users since it came with a wide range of amazing apps. But for some loyal Garageband users, the 2.0 version was a bit of a disappointment. Even though, Garageband was created especially for iOS, it can still be used on Android smart phones and Windows. If you didn’t know there was an app named Garageband; read on, download the app and see it for yourself. At a first glance, the newer version of Garageband comes with the ability to store more music, better inter app compatibility, an option for synchronizing files with iCloud, ability to share via Air Drop and a comparatively flexible sampler. Even though the application has been updated, it still pretty much works the same way like it used to. First of all, Garageband is a free application that can be downloaded through the iTunes store but the device should be running on iOS 7. In app purchases that can be made in order to add more advanced features costs $5. Garageband’s free version comes ... Read More »

Power Cam free download For iOS, Android, PC, iphone, Mac and Windows

Power Cam free download For iOS, Android, PC, iphone, Mac and Windows

One of the most wanted features of the mobile device users is the camera hardware and software. When making the decisions for buying a smart phone, most people look at the camera options and properties. There are several different types and variations of camera applications available on the android and other operating systems of the smart phones. These help improve and enhance the quality of the images and video clips captured by the mobile camera. One such very popular picture enhancement software or app is the Power cam. The power helps boost up the various features of the mobile phone by offering additional services. The Power Cam is a great application for those who are fond of photography and image shooting. It offers great features some of which are only applicable to images while other can also be implemented on videos. For the iPad users the power cam comes in a special HD version. You can download the powercam from the following link: The various features offered by the power cam for iOS include the following: There are more than 120 special effects that can be added to images including the retro style, flashback, sketch and many more. The user ... Read More »

Hotspot Shield For PC: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Hotspot Shield For PC

Hotspot shield is a virtual private network creator which allows users to surf the internet without worrying about their privacy. The settings of Hotspot shield allow the users to access every website there is without disclosing any personal information. The software can also be used for bypassing any blockade which exists on any particular website and by using this feature the users can easily use any website on the internet. Hotspot shield was developed by AnchorFree and was released on Microsoft Windows and Mac in April 2008. The software was made available for downloading on iOS in 2011 and on Android in 2012 and has recorded hundreds of thousands of downloads on all platforms. Features: Hotspot Shield can be used for bypassing a security firewall which exists on any website across the internet. This is done by the software creating a VPN or a virtual private network between the device which is being used by the user and the web address which is being accessed. This arrangement allows the users to preserve their details and privacy and enables them to surf the internet safe and secure. Hotspot Shield also allows users to protect their information from being used by third ... Read More »

Format Factory Free Download For PC, Windows 7/8/XP

Format Factory Free Download

Format Factory is a program which has been developed by Chen Jun Hao and released on Microsoft Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The software can be used for converting the formats of files of various types which include audio, video and pictures. Format Factory is available to download for free and is very simple to use and easy to understand. It contains a wide range of formats of all types of files and they can be changed from or converted to without any imperfection. The program has recorded thousands of downloads across all platforms and this shows its absolute success. Features: As mentioned above, Format Factory can deal with the formats of photos, videos and audio files. The photo formats which are included in the list of formats available are JPG, PNG, ICO, BMP, GIF, TIF and TGA. The photos can be converted to or from any of these formats and without putting in too much effort as well which is a huge plus. Converting a file is very easy and not too challenging and the user only has to put in the name of the format in which the file has to be changed. In some cases in other ... Read More »

My Video Converter : Free Download For PC, Windows 7/8/XP

My Video Converter

My Video Converter is a video format converting and video handling application which can be downloaded for free on Microsoft Windows and Mac. The application has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and has received positive reviews from the critics as well as users. My Video Converter works by changing analogue to analogue or digital to digital videos and changes their format without damaging their quality. Users can download videos from YouTube, MetaCafe, Vimeo and Daily Motion and change their format to the desired one like AVI or MP4 which can then be run on any device. Features: My Video Converter is not only a video format changer but it can also be used for a variety of other purposes. The software can be easily used for editing videos as well in a very of ways. Different images can be added in the video and music and effects can also be put into it while converting its format. The formats which have been included as options for conversions include AVI, MP4, WAV and MP3. The videos can be changed to and from any of these formats and this provides the users with a good deal of options. My Video ... Read More »

Facetime Free Download For iOS, Android, PC, iphone, Mac and Windows

Facetime free download

Facetime is a video calling software which has been released by Apple Inc. and released on iOS and Mac.The program can be downloaded on any Apple device which has a front camera called the Facetime camera. Similarly, the audio is available on any device which has iOS 7 or later as its operating system. Features: Facetime is the ultimate video telephony software which can be downloaded on any Apple device with the required specifications. The program allows the users to engage with each other in video calls as well as audio only exchanges. Facetime is known for its quality superiority over the other similar types of softwares which include the likes of Skype and Viber. By using the program, the users can make group calls as well as one to one connections. Groups can easily be made and the users can be added without any inconvenience which is another huge plus for the callers. The application also has an instant massaging option which allows the users to have small short term interactions with each other. Some emoticons and other graphics have also been included in the software which can add fun and color to the conversation. Adding and removing people ... Read More »

Dolphin Browser For PC (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Dolphin Browser for pc

Where the Android browser alternatives are concerned, Dolphin Browser (earlier Dolphin Browser HD) was a trailblazer when it propelled with a clothing arrangement of features, in the same way as signals and custom User Agents that let you stack portable or desktop versions of sites. Several years after the fact, the greater part of Dolphin’s rivals have made up for lost time peculiarity insightful, and Google keeps its stock browser the most perfect. Then again, because of a significant execution overhaul, Dolphin 8.8 swims ahead striking a fine harmony in the middle of execution and speed. Dolphin’s UI is misleadingly straightforward. Dolphin utilization tabbed skimming that gives you a chance to open an unbounded number of new pages by tapping the “+” sign. In any case a clever gimmick here is that you can rapidly examine through all your tabs by swiping over the top. In Chrome, Firefox, and Maxthon, you need to tap a few times to gone through all your tabs. Swiping in from the left provides for you get to twelve default (yet removable) bookmarks, in the same way as brisk connections to new wallpaper and Wikipedia. Swiping in from the right uncovers Add-ons and Themes, if ... Read More »

iMessage for PC: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

iMessage for PC

So you need iMessage for Windows, unfortunately Apple has not made a version of iMessage that deals with Windows interface. But you do not need to worry. There’s a workaround to make iMessage take a shot at Windows, then again, it’s not as simple to make it work legitimately. In the lines that follow, you will be provided with all the information you need to makeiMessage work and put it on your Windows system.Furthermore, you do not need to check compatibility, this works for all Windows powered devices. iMessage is a messaging app made by Apple and is preinstalled into a majority of their gadgets, such as their iPhone, iPad, and their Mac machines. This application enables users to send quick messages, pictures and videos to anybody on your contact list that likewise possesses a Mac. When you send an iMessage it sends to any or the majority of their gadgets on the off chance that they have that feature turned on. How to Download iMessage for Windows There is a trickusing which you can get the iMessageto work for Windows machines however note that it needs you to have an iOS gadget like an iPhone or iPad which you ... Read More »

Snapchat For PC (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Snapchat For PC

Snapchat is a photo and video sharing application which can be downloaded on Android, iOS and Blackberry Smartphones. The success of Snapchat on the Smartphone platform has prompted the company to release it on Personal computers as well. Features: The main feature of Snapchat is that by using it, photos and videos can be sent from one device to another. The media files which are exchanged by using this application do not get stored anywhere and can only be viewed for a limited amount of time. The viewing time can be set by the sender and be adjusted from a minimum of three seconds to a maximum of twelve seconds. As the viewing time comes to an end, the photo cannot be viewed any further and only the sending and receiving details get saved. Contacts: The Snapchat contacts are added by the application automatically searching the whole contact list of the phone. However, the user has the option of adding all the contacts or only the selective ones. The contacts which do not have Snapchat downloaded on their phones can also be sent an invitation to join Snapchat and be added as a contact. Snapchat also arranges a maximum of ... Read More »

MX Player Free Download For PC Android, iOS, Mac and Windows

MX Player Free Download

MX Player is a media player which has a paid as well as a free version and can be downloaded on Android Smartphones. The program is one of the best media players available on Android and has recorded more than 300,000 downloads. To download MX Player, the user simply has to possess a Smartphone and some media files which can be played on it. The player is one of the most efficient, fast and easy to use one which is available on Google PlayStore.MX Player can run a variety of audio and video formats which makes the best option when it comes to downloading a media player. The All in One Player: MX Player can play a wide range of audio as well as video formats. The video formats which are supported by the player include3gp, AVI, DIVX, MP4, MKV, MPEG, FLV, WMV and XVID. The player can search all the media files which are scattered around in the phone’s memory and select them all so that they can be played. The user, on the other hand, can also select the files manually by choosing a particular folder and add them to the media library. Features: MX Player contains a ... Read More »

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