Subway Durfers Game Free Download For PC, Android Windows 7/8/XP

Smart phone games can get really addictive at times. In fact they can become so attractive and irresistible that you find you’re looking for a way to play them on your PC! If you’re that type then read on for procedure to download Subway Surfers and run it on your PC.

Subway Surfers is an open-world game in which you just run and run. Temple run is a variant of this class of games. The basic objective in this game is to collect coins. These coins are points which you get and can be used to purchase upgrades.

subway surfers game free download

Game play

The game play is quite simple and doesn’t take much to get used to. Navigation is all that you need to do. You can steer the character left and right, up or down. When turning either way, basically the character is switching lanes. There are a total of three lanes in most releases of the game. The need to switch lanes arises whenever there is an unavoidable obstacle in front or if you need to collect some bonus or coins from another lane.


Jumping helps in more than just leaping over obstacles in your path. When combined with the forward motion (read: running; which you’re doing all the time), it can propel you forward over short distances. This comes very handy when skipping distances between moving trains and/or stationary bogies.

Rolling under(downward movement) is a really neat trick which is actually practiced in the real world by parkour professionals as well. Take for instance a high obstacle which can’t be jumped over but has a small space beneath it. You can roll under it and go right through rather than turning left or right. Rolling under also helps in breaking jumps. This trick you will master from need yourself once you get the hang of the game.

subway surfers game free download

How to download

There are two routes you can take here. One is to get blue stacks, an Android emulator for Windows and Mac users. All you need to do is download the program. After that you can easily search for subway surfers in its search tool, download it and run it from the ‘my apps’ section. The easy part is that you don’t have to go through any hassle and the program will run the game easily.

Using independent game files:

Another method is to directly download the game from here. Just go to the end of the page and click on the shiny download button. You will be sent to a cloud server site which will ‘fetch’ the download file from its server. Once the file is ready you can download it. Simply run subway surfers and the game will start. However note that you can’t use keyboard controls. Read on to set that up as well.

subway surfers game free download

Now comes the tricky part. Extract the file contents all in one place. Look for ‘autohotkey’ and install it. After that run the SubSurf script. This will configure the arrow keys to mimic mouse gestures. Now run the game and the arrow keys will work.

Note that you have to exit the running script from the taskbar in order to gain normal functionality for the arrow keys.

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