SpringPad For Android, ios, pc and windows 7/8/XP

Spring Incorporation is a Boston-based company which has developed a terrific application for android users that is SpringPad Note. It’s a free web base application that rivals a numerous number of paid applications. It works on iPhone and works as a personal assistant and much more. You can download this application for free from various websites available on Google.

SpringPad For Android, ios, pc and windows

SpringPad Note is the latest, pioneering and world-shattering application which not only links to the Cloud but is also capable of storing and organizing the information you save in it whatsoever. All the things which you save in it will get synchronized with your personal computer, your iPhone, iPad or mobile phone itself.SpringPad has a thriving feature of updating the information you contain or store with the relevant data like stock price drops to the cinema showtimes and each and everything in the middle.

It not only saves the data but also organizes it in a manner you want. It organizes the data mechanically but you can divide everything if you desire whenever you want and in the manner you want. Like you can detach the personal and office files as you like.Because the SpringPad Note has a link to the cloud that means you can reach to your data you saved in your PC, iPad, iPhone or smart phone remotely from anywhere and at any time wherever you are.

SpringPad For Android, ios, pc and windows

Following are the main basic features of SpringPad Note:

  • Save:

The SpringPad Note has striking valuable features like it can save your files in to their own notebooks, allows you to set tasks to track, and bring up the check list with which you can monitor the tasks you need to perform. And this is not all you can do with your SpringPad note but you can also lift up your data directly from the internet without even closing the internet browser.

  • Organize:

When you save your data from your SpringPad Application it stores it in a common folder called ‘My stuff’, from there you can organize your data as you like. You can add tags or little descriptors with your data to link them to the relevant folder. For an optimal organization you can tag anything whatever you want by means of SpringPad Note.

One other important feature of the application is the Board.Board permits the user to arrange all things on a digital cork board. The benefit of this digitization is that it offers you a visual help to plan your things the way you want.

  • Action: 

SpringPad Note remotely updates all your information and keeps you up to date with all the relevant news. You can align it with your Facebook, twitter and straight with your email. The application will give you reminders of the events you don’t wish to forget and will update the information on a daily basis.

To download the application, visit the following link:

Samsung ChatOn For Mobile, Android, PC, iPhone and iPad

SpringPad is surely one brilliant application that saves a lot of time, efforts and money. So if you are one busy businessmen or a project manager then SpringPad Note is all you need.

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