Soundhound Free Download For Android: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Sound Hound is a music detecting software which allows the users to find the name of a song by humming it or playing it. The program has been developed by Melodis Corporation and can be downloaded on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Downloading Sound Hound is very easy and has a free version as well as a paid one.

soundhound free download for android


Sound Hound contains many exciting features which have made hundreds of thousands of users download the application. The basic feature of the program is its ability to recognize a song when it is played close to the device. The user can also hum, speak or type the lyrics of the song to make the program detect the name of the song which make Sound Hound a great software to have.

Sound Hound determines the names of the songs which are enquired about very accurately and without using too much time which is very convenient for the user. The program is very easy to understand and use as well which is one of the reasons why it is such a huge hit. The software has a huge library of songs which contains millions of articles which are divided on the basis of artist names, album names and genres.

Sound Hound has a ‘sound2sound’ technology which enables the program to successfully detect even the most poorly hummed songs and recordings which are of very bad quality. The software also allows the users to play the song and detect it by using Sound Cloud on the same device which is another one of its many great features. The users can also insert the lyrics of the songs which they want to know about and they can speak the name of the artist or album to the phone and get information about the required song.


Sound Hound contains three different versions which can be downloaded to any device. The versions are Sound Hound, Sound Hound Infinity and the Hound. Sound Hound is the free version of the program which contains all the features which have been developed by the publishers just like Sound Hound Infinity. The difference between Sound Hound and Sound Hound Infinity is that Sound Hound contains banner ads while Sound Hound Infinity does not feature any ads but is not free and has to be paid for. Hound is the most basic version of the software and only allows the users to speak the name of the artist or the album and get the search results on their devices.

soundhound free download for android

Just like any other application, Sound Hound is also reinforced by updates which are released by the publishers on a regular basis. These updates make the program safer to use and removes all the bugs associated with it as well as add more features to it occasionally.

How to download it:

Sound Hound can be downloaded by using one of the following links based on what device is used by the user.

One of the links given above is for iOS users and the other one can be used by the Android users.

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