Sonic the hedgehog Free Download For PC, Android Windows 7/8/XP

One of the most famous and well-known name of the video gaming industry is sonic the hedgehog. It is one of the first games to become so popular and well established in the gamers world. It has a long history and has come a long way since its launch long time back. The game was initially introduced by the gaming giant Sega. Anyone who has played a video game in their life must know Sega. It has a lot of well known names under its label but sonic the hedgehog is no doubt one of the leaders that made Sega what it is today. One of the favorite games of most of the habitual gamers, the sonic the hedgehog has come up with a long list of sequels after its original version. It has been 22 years since it was initially introduced to the video game arena. Ever since then it has been released on various platforms including android and iOS.

Sonic the hedgehog Free Download For PC, Android Windows

The sonic the hedgehog for pc can be downloaded from the following:

Sonic the hedgehog Free Download For PC, Android Windows

After the release of the game over Sega it was available to be used on pc. It is a simple arcade game with various interesting levels and stages. As the blue colored loveable character moves around the adventurous areasit has to face various obstacles and hindrances as it move forward. The controls of the game a simple and effective and the pc experience make it worthwhile. Playing it on a mobile device is however not as exciting and enjoying because of the touch screen and small display limitations of such devices. The game offers some of the very primitive and traditional arcade graphics but it is very appealing to the arcade gamers all over the world.

Sonic the hedgehog Free Download For PC, Android Windows

The sound effects and original sound track of the game is also out of this world. Whether you are playing the game on a mobile device or the pc, it gives the gamer a very fresh and clean look with bright graphical pictures and great soundtrack. Once you start the game it often becomes difficult to let go because of the interesting stages that come one after the other. As you move ahead in the game, it becomes difficult and more intense. Finding of special hidden treasures and surprise stages also makes the player spell bound to the game. sonic the hedgehog is a delight for everyone who has played the Sega adventures like Mario the most famous games of all times. Such games although have a simple gameplay they can still attract a lot of new players towards them through their interesting episodes. The game is easy to learn and anyone who plays for the first moves on gradually learning the controls and strategies of the game. Sonic the hedgehog although a very old and simple player of the industry, it still presents a lot of competition to the new entrants in video gaming industry.

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