Snapseed for PC : (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Snapseed is a photo editing application which has been released by Nik on a number of platforms like personal computer and iPad. The application has a lot of amazing features and allows its users to use them to make their photos better. Snapseed is one of the most effective and a very easy to use photo editor and that is just one of the reasons why it has proved to be such a success.

Snapseed for PC


The most important and telling feature of the application is its color balancing option which can be used to adjust the color and hue of any photo no matter how good or bad the colors are. What’s more is that any part of the photo can be selected for exclusively adding the filters and colors. It makes it easier for the user to partially edit the photos and makes the effort worthwhile and less time consuming. Other than color and hue, the white balance, saturation and tune image can also be adjusted to make the photos look awesome.

Snapseed for PC

Besides the adjustment of colors and other similar qualities of the photos, they can also be cropped, tilted and rotated as per the requirement by using Snapseed. All of that is very easy to do and the tools are quite nice to handle and use which is also a huge plus of the application. There is an autocorrect option as well which has been included in the app so that the users can clear all the defects with just one mouse click. This setting can also prove to be very helpful for amateur users who do not have an excellent know how of how to operate the application.

Adjustments and Filters:

Snapseed can be used for making basic as well as advanced adjustments to a photo. The basic adjustments, like already mentioned include things brightness, hue and sharpness. On the other hand, the advanced adjustments include contrast and other targeted modifications. Before making an adjustment, the user has to select the part of photo on which the changes have to be made. The whole photo can also be selected which is the case most of the time.

Snapseed for PC

Another very important feature of Snapseed is the filters in it which can be used for changing the whole outlook of the picture. The filters which can be used include vintage, black and white, drama effect, grunge and many others. The filters have also been sub divided into many categories for example, drama effect has been divided into drama effect one, drama effect two, bright drama one, bright drama two, dark drama one and dark drama two.

Downloading and installing it:

Snapseed can be downloaded and installed by using the following link:

Snapseed for PC

On clicking the download button in the link, the user is guided through the whole installation process at the end of which, the software is installed and available to use.  Photos can be edited by selecting a portion of them and then adding the desired effects.

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