Snapchat For PC (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Snapchat is a photo and video sharing application which can be downloaded on Android, iOS and Blackberry Smartphones. The success of Snapchat on the Smartphone platform has prompted the company to release it on Personal computers as well.

Snapchat For PC


The main feature of Snapchat is that by using it, photos and videos can be sent from one device to another. The media files which are exchanged by using this application do not get stored anywhere and can only be viewed for a limited amount of time. The viewing time can be set by the sender and be adjusted from a minimum of three seconds to a maximum of twelve seconds. As the viewing time comes to an end, the photo cannot be viewed any further and only the sending and receiving details get saved.


The Snapchat contacts are added by the application automatically searching the whole contact list of the phone. However, the user has the option of adding all the contacts or only the selective ones. The contacts which do not have Snapchat downloaded on their phones can also be sent an invitation to join Snapchat and be added as a contact.

Snapchat also arranges a maximum of three most interacted with contacts as favorites. The favorite contacts appear on top of the contact list when the user is about to send a snap which makes it easier for them to select the contact.

Snapchat also has a points system which can determine that which friends use the application more than the rest. The contact list also discloses the usernames of the favorite contacts of all the friends but does not show their details.

Profile Settings:

The Snapchat users have a good deal of freedom to keep their own settings regarding the profile and many other matters. These settings include the account settings, the privacy settings and advanced settings.

Snapchat For PC

In the account settings, the users can change their phone number, username and the email address. The privacy settings can be used for deciding that which friends can see the stories and snaps and which ones cannot.The advanced settings tab can be used for modifying how the notifications appear on the phone and other similar stuff. The settings can also be used for joining more advanced versions of Snapchat and getting other subscriptions.

Editing the Photos:

Before sending a snap, the photo can be edited and filter be applied on it to give it a more exotic touch. Text can also be added on the photo to give it a caption. Another fun feature of the application is that the user, after taking the photo, can write on it by using different colors and make the snap all the more unique.

Snapchat For PC

How to download and use?

Snapchat for PC is quite easy to install and be downloaded by using the following link:

Snapchat For PC

The application is easy to use as well and the photo, once captured can be modified by using the filters available and sending it to the required contact. When a snap is received, it can be viewed by holding the notification for the viewing time.

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