Smash Hit Game For PC: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

The video gamers all over the world have a thirst for new and unique games. Every one of them has different preferences and likings. They look out for new releases and upgrades on current games available on various platforms. One such very popular game in the industry is the Smash Hit. The game is available for android, iOS and even for PC.

Smash Hit Game For PC

It can be downloaded from Click Here. The Smash Hit for PC can be played on windows 7/8 and XP.

This is a very unique and different game will keep you addicted to your mobile device or PC for hours without any boredom or monotony. Try it once and you would not be disappointed by its performance and experience. The graphical presentation and technical performance of the game is quite remarkable and good. It has a very simple but tricky gameplay. The players find it very easy to play the game in the beginning as it is very easy to learn and play. However as the game progresses it becomes difficult and harder. The game can be downloaded for free, but it does offer its players with in app purchases that help you progress up faster in the game.

Smash Hit Game For PC

Smash Hit has been developed by one of the greatest game developers in the industry called Mediocre. It has many popular games under in banner both on mobile devices and PCs. Smash Hit has proven to be highly addictive for its players. Once you start it becomes difficult to let go by most of the players. The good quality graphics and computer effects keep the audience spell bound for hours without any boredom or slack. The game play and theme is quite simple. All you need to do is hit the steel balls coming your way on the screen and throw them on the glasses that are being tossed towards you. The objective of the game is to hit the glasses with the steel balls and if you miss you lose the game. The glasses will be tossed towards the player in different sizes and shapes to create a confused pattern. Whenever you hit and break the triangle shaped glasses the number of steel balls in your possession will also increase. Each triangle shaped glass leads to release of three steel balls.

The game has a unique and amazing theme with an out of this world background based on another dimension of the universe. The game is coupled with excellent quality graphics, sound effects and music that make the journey through the surreal path very interesting and attractive. As you travel through time you need to smash every object that comes your way. The game requires concentration, skill, focus and excellent timings to improve your ratings and score of the game. Smash Hit for PC has a futuristic appeal and theme with an addictive and time consuming activity based on score and level improvement. So hurry and go ahead and download the game on your PC.

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