Shazam For PC (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Shazam is a music identification software which can be downloaded for free on Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows. The service was established in 1999 by Chris Barton and has its office in London. The program uses a small piece of song which has to be detected, converts it into a more readable version and compares it to a database which contains a host of songs from artists all around the world. If a match is found, the data is conveyed back to the device which shows it as readable text.

Shazam For PC


Shazam contains a lot of exciting features which are very reliable as well. The database from which the songs are compared contains more than eleven million songs which is a huge number and the program easily matched the input song to the one in the database without mixing it up. The user has to add a ten second long excerpt from the song into the software which is then encoded and matched and the results are then sent back to user.

Shazam For PC

Another interesting feature of Shazam is that it allows the user to find a song by humming it which proves to be very fruitful when the user does not have any idea about the song name or the artist. The humming feature of the software is pretty accurate as well and has a very high success ratio which means that most of the songs which are searched are successfully found in the database.

Shazam Encore and Shazam RED:

Shazam offers the users three different programs which can be downloaded. ‘Shazam’ is a free to download program which can be used for identifying any number of songs over an unlimited period of time. Shazam Encore is an enhanced version of Shazam and contains a variety of other features as well but the pack has to be purchased. In the beginning, the trial version of Shazam Encore had a limit of five queries per month but later, the restriction was lifted and unlimited searches were entertained. Shazam RED is a version of the software which is just like Shazam Encore and even has the same price. But the difference lies in the fact that a part of the money which is accumulated by the sales of Shazam RED is donated for the HIV and AIDS patients. The software is very east to download and use.

How to download it:

Shazam can be downloaded by following the link given below:

Shazam for PC

What’s more?

Shazam can identify songs which belong to a host of different genres. The search results are not affected by the rock or pop nature of the music, but the song itself. Similarly, the artists have no influence on the search results as well and the songs from all artists are searched with equal accuracy. Shazam boasts millions of downloads over different platforms and it is possible only because of its reliable nature. After the release of Shazam in 1999, many similar applications were introduced as well but none of them has been as successful. As of 2013, Shazam was the fourth most downloaded music application on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Shazam For PC

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