Samsung ChatOn For Mobile, Android, PC, iPhone and iPad

Virtual chatting has become an important part of our life. People surf most of their time in chatting with their friends, families, colleagues and acquaintances etc. National and Global interactions via chat mediums are gaining immense popularity throughout the world. Hence the need of chatting soft wares is continuously increasing day by day.

Samsung ChatOn For Mobile, Android, PC, iPhone and iPad

In order to fulfill this requirement, Samsung has come up with its brilliant chat software that is Samsung ChatOn. Samsung ChatOn is one of the best chatting solution provided by the company to facilitate its users and to let them freely chat with their fellas. The software isn’t only confined with the mobile phones but also can be accessed on PC and Tablet etc.

  • Simple Registration and Startup:

ChatOn is pre-installed in your Samsung device or can be downloaded from Samsung Apps. By simply clicking on the icon, just register yourself on the set-up screen, and a easy five digit code will be send to you. This code is mechanically picked up and added in to your account.

  • Send & Receive Multimedia:

Most of the times a picture says it all. Samsung ChatOn allows you send & receive multimedia files like songs, videos, pictures etc. to your loved ones. Moreover you can send calendar items, contacts and also can link up a person with a location.

  • Animation Messages:

One of the most admired and appraised feature of Samsung ChatOn is Animation messages.It indeed allows you to prompt yourself in a manner which other mediums don’t permit. If you are fortunate ample to have a Galaxy Note then you can write or draw your animation with the S-Pen, nevertheless by means of a finger works thriving enough, too. Chat On deals enormous arrangement of colors, pen types and nib-sizes for you to play with and unbridle your resourcefulness.
If, you are dreadful at drawing – there are flat loads of pre-installed “stamps”. You hand-picked the stamp and press onto where it is you desire. You are also free to remove your stamp anytime or adjust it according to your choice.

Samsung ChatOn For Mobile, Android, PC, iPhone and iPad 2

  • Group Messages:

Sending batch messages or broadcasts are something we all are used to of. Samsung ChatOn has an amazing feature of group messaging in which you can send your messages to your own organized group in one single click. Moreover ChatOn also provides a single place where everyone can reply back and can interact with each other.

  • Buddy Interaction:

This is one of the unique features of Samsung ChatOn as it provides the person to rank each other on the basis of their interactions. Your rankings will tell your buddies how much you interact with others and with each other. This is one characteristic of ChatOn which makes it different from the other chatting solutions.

You can download Samsung ChatOn chatting solution software by clicking on the following link:

Samsung ChatOn For Mobile, Android, PC, iPhone and iPad

Samsung chat on can substantiate to be one beneficial convenience that can be used by each and every Samsung mobile holder without any fences or modifications. It empowers not only an easier fortuitous of interaction but also a supplementary contented one.

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