Ruzzle For Android, Mobile, iOS, Mac and Windows

Introduced in 2012 by a Swedish company name MAG Interactive, Ruzzle gained popularity at a very fast pace.The game can be used on android, iOS and windows 8 devices. It is an inspiration and combination of old board games like scrabble and boggle played all over the world.

Ruzzle For Android, Mobile, iOS, Mac and Windows

Ruzzle is an online game where various players get together through the internet. It is played on a 4 by 4 grid of letters. In order to start one game, a player must search another player to compete him online. This player may be selected on random basis by the game software or the player might a pick a friend from his own contact list. Every game has a group of three rounds. Once all three rounds are completed the scores are added to get the final scores and present the winner. The game is somewhat like scrabble. Each player is given two minutes in a round and required to make as many words on the grid as possible. He or she is provided with 16 letters and each word much atleast me a two letter word. Each letter can only be used once and is assigned a specific score. Words can not only be made in straight lines but also adjacent to each other. At the end scores of all the words are added to get the player score. Player with the largest scores in three rounds wins.

Ruzzle For Android, Mobile, iOS, Mac and Windows

The game is highly addictive and keeps you busy for hours. The game offers a combination of fun, skills, intellectual capabilities and brisk thinking competition on a networking platform.The game starts with easy and small words but as you pass through various stages, the game gets more complicated and advanced. You really have to think to arrange the letters and make the words. Players with a strategic approach will always try to use letters that has the highest points. Including the double and triple score letters. The game provides a great satisfying experience to its players and keeps then attracted for many long hours.  At the end of the game, the app also provides a possible solution and gives a list of 200 words that could have been made. This provides the gamers a sense of increased competition and also helps them to improve their gaming experience over time.

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Ruzzle is a great way of not only testing your vocabulary skills but having a great competition with your family, friends and other network users. Just like scrabble it provides a great way to spend your time but by using your mobile device or tablet. Ruzzle incorporates the contact lists of social networks like facebook and twitter and make it a more fun way to play. It can also be played in a solo mode for practice or sheer time pass. For the ease of players and its global presence it is not only available in English but also in ten other foreign languages.

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