Real Racing 3 Free Download for Android, ios, pc and windows 7/8/XP

Real Racing 3 is a great racing game developed by the famous Firemonkeys studio and published through the gaming giant Electronic arts or EA. Compatible on almost all computing devices and smart gadgets it works well with android, iOS, Black Berry and Nvidia Shield appliances.

 Real Racing 3 Free Download for Android, ios, pc and windows 7/8/XP

The game is free to download but requires purchase of some support apps to get an advanced play on the app. In real essence this is continuation of the previous racing game sensation Real Racing 1 and 2. The game has some awesome features like 95 different licensed cars including Porsche, Audi, Bugatti, and Lamborghini and not to forget the all-time favorite Ferrari. Other features include 11 tracks and a 22 car grind for optimal enjoyment. The players must carry out continuous servicing and maintenance of their vehicles for good performance and this act requires using cash from in game sequences and real time zones.

The game starts when the new player buys a startup vehicle which is Nissan Silvia S15. The overall game objective is classified into multiple different classes and tiers. The lowest class calls for playing three different races by the new player. In doing so the players must maintain their cars and spend in game cash on them to keep their performance and outcomes outclass. If ignored the car’s health will deteriorate on a tremendous pace. The serving of the car is a very long task and at times may even take hours. There are different driver levels in which you can play. The in game currency comes out to be a useful medium for upgrades and level ups in the racing arena. In addition to this there are driving points to be exchanged for game rewards, VIP servicing options and car maintenance crew for a real time experience of racing. All these features have been provided over several upgrades of the game. The player begins at the driver level and then moves up gradually usually through achievements and gaining of fame points through racing victories. The car is serviced using the gold coin currency awarded through the game. But while servicing there is always a wait period in which the player is paused from playing the game.

Real Racing 3 Free Download for Android, ios, pc and windows 2

The game has various modes of playing like the Cup, elimination series, endurance, head to head, auto cross, speed snap, drag race, hunter and time trial. Based on the preference of the player, any mode can be selected and played upon.  To add real time competition in the game, the multiplayer option is also available. This means that two people who are online in different parts of the world can easily compete in real racing 3 with each other.

You can download Real Racing 3 for android on

 and for Apple devices from

Real Racing 3 is an awesome gaming experience with its superior graphics and presentation. It has great features but dull out at places where the players have to wait for services. This is one drawback that makes this game less interesting and boring.

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