Quizup Game Free Download For PC Windows 8/7/XP

Quizup is a trivia game for iOS and Android that tests the knowledge of the world geography, cooking, quotes and hundreds of other topics. Developers have point out that there are actually four hundred and thirty topics. The user can challenge strangers, or play with friends on Google + or Facebook in order to climb up a level and earn further points.

quizup for pc

Since there are so many topics, a user is supposed to find at least one that he / she can succeed in whether it is about football, baseball, English grammar, movies or geography. It is obviously much better prospect to play with complete strangers, however, there are people who would prefer to look more knowledgeable before their friends and acquaintances.

Quiz up is a social trivia game. One can sign easily with either Google + or Facebook account. However, if you want to play it with Facebook, you will need to download and install the Facebook application on your smartphone so that you can login. There is no option of simply inputting your credentials in the application.

Signing with the Google + plus account is relatively easier since it allows the user to utilize whichever account is being used on the smartphone. Once the user is signed in, the game will automatically seek out friends who would like to play Quiz up with you.

If the user is not interested in tapping into his / her social network, he / she also has an option to sign up with an e-mail address. This option, however, makes it difficult to find friends who would be using the application to play the same game since if the two users are not mutually connected, they cannot play the game together.

The best part about Quizup is the design of the game. It is tidy, colorful and very easy to maneuver. There are many trivia categories on the main screen. All these categories have bright backgrounds.

When users start playing the game, they are able to see their social media profile pic as well as the cover art. The application pulls these things out of Facebook or Google if users choose to connect both these accounts. This is a great feature that renders extra attraction to the application. The game also features several other design touches while the user is at play. These include badges, avatar themed as animals, fun achievements, and animations.

Every day, Quizup shows the latest themes and trivia on the screen. Users may also keep track of their friends’ performances.

Like several other games of this genre, the users need to be online in order to play this game. This is simply because a user must have a connection in order to play in real time against other people. The application simply won’t start if the user is offline. This means that users are unable to watch their score or even browse the different topics unless they have a Wi-Fi signal. There is no option of playing against the computer.

Users do not get the same questions over and over again, however, there are repetitions which might bore the players sometimes. The same question usually appear when the player is using the same category for a second time.

Quizup can be downloaded from the following link:

quizup for pc

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