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Qeep is a great place where one is able to meet new friends, find hot single people to chat with, and form friendships with great people. Qeep is s free application that allows you to flirt and chat. Other people also get a chance to interact with you through the same application.

Qeep Download For Mobile

The photo blogging feature in qeep allows you to check out pictures from around the world and share with your own friends as well. The user can also play several great games with anyone through this application. It is an application for keeping in touch while having great fun. The green interface of the company may not be to the liking of majority of users who may take just a little bit more time in order to get used to it. The first thing that the user encounters is a welcome screen that informs him / her of all the great things that they can do with the help of the application. These include firing great sounds, sending almost unlimited QMS, blogging and posting pictures from the smart device, meeting new people and playing live games with friends and acquaintances.

Initially, users are required to set up their new accounts which can done very easily simply by choosing a nickname and password. Users must also enter their genders, age and, towards the end, accept the terms and the conditions. After this process, the profile of the user is set up. There is an option to add more details if the user wants. This may include personal information and a profile picture. Another option is to take a new picture and set it up with the new profile, but this process may take longer time. Once all this is done, the user is all set to start poking around.

 After hitting the qeep tag there are several option that pop up including My friends, New Qms, qeeper online, Invite friends and last visits.

If you want to meet other qeepers, you are supposed to press qeep and after that, qeep online. If you want to send request to someone, you should include a brief message and then wait for some time so that the person may accept or reject you request. Users can also check out several games. The games can be played for free and also for money. For the latter, some cash must be uploaded into the account. The games are quite interesting and come with a menu and a set of instructions.

When your friends accepts your invitation, they will be shown in your list of contacts. You can share pictures with your friends and send messages. The messages are presented on the main screen as QMS.

In short, Qeep is a great application for people seeking to interact with others in a virtual enviroenment. It features several different functions, games and options. Besides, one can also share phtos.

Qeep can be downloaded for free from the following link:

Qeep For Mobile

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