Power Cam free download For iOS, Android, PC, iphone, Mac and Windows

One of the most wanted features of the mobile device users is the camera hardware and software. When making the decisions for buying a smart phone, most people look at the camera options and properties. There are several different types and variations of camera applications available on the android and other operating systems of the smart phones. These help improve and enhance the quality of the images and video clips captured by the mobile camera. One such very popular picture enhancement software or app is the Power cam. The power helps boost up the various features of the mobile phone by offering additional services.

Power Cam free download For iOS, Android, PC, iphone, Mac and Windows

The Power Cam is a great application for those who are fond of photography and image shooting. It offers great features some of which are only applicable to images while other can also be implemented on videos. For the iPad users the power cam comes in a special HD version.

You can download the powercam from the following link:

Power Cam free download For iOS, Android, PC, iphone, Mac and Windows

The various features offered by the power cam for iOS include the following:

  • There are more than 120 special effects that can be added to images including the retro style, flashback, sketch and many more.
  • The user has the option to add the effects during or after the shooting of the images is complete.
  • The power cam comes with an anti-shake technology. You can also activate the touch and smile capturing modes
  • The app gives the user the choice of selecting between the focusing and exposure areas of the shooting
  • Like many other photo enhancement and editing apps, the power cam is also coupled with a large variety of frames that can be added to the images.
  • The power cam is not restricted to the images only but it also features video shoots and clips
  • One of the best features of the power cam app is that its helps to bring together various images and shots and join them up to create a panorama
  • There a real time face timer that can recognize the faces automatically. It also helps tagging and sharing of pictures easier
  • The mobile device can avail the tilt shift option of the power cam and make excellent and unique images that can become a great memory to cherish
  • The power cam allows you to color splash your images in a very aesthetic and artistic manner
  • You can create images like the fun house mirror tricks in the carnival
  • Creation of collages has become a great fade in the social networking field. The power cam helps combine various images and use them to make a great collage
  • Picture and image sharing is convenient as the power cam is integrated with Instagram, facebook, youtube, twitter, flickr and tumblr.

Overall power cam is a great application that helps enhance your image quality and editing features. For anyone who is fond of photography and capturing their memories in pictures and videos power cam offers a lot of good options and features and makes photography easy and convenient.

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