Pou For Android, Mobile, iOS, Mac and Windows 7/8/windows

There are many people in the world you desire to keep pets but are unable to do so due to time and space restrictions. This is where information and technology has made their desire come almost true. The introduction of the virtual pet is not a new phenomenon. It has been around since the last decade. However the advancement in the smart digital devices and mobiles and availability of internet connectivity almost everywhere has given this concept a whole new boost. So anyone who desires to keep a pet can turn to apps like Pou. Although you cannot actually feed or cuddle him but the feeling of ownership, care and responsibility is there.

Pou For Android, Mobile, iOS, Mac and Windows

Pou is a virtual alien like pet that is an out of this world creature. Unlike regular pets like cats and dogs, Pou is something extra ordinary. It keeps you busy and attracted to itself. It is very cute and lovable character and has its own charming aura. Because of its virtual existence you will keep it in your smart device and take it where ever you go. The aim of the app is that you should on regular basis keep a watch on the little animal and feed him in a timely manner. You also need to fulfill his playing and recreational requirements. After regular care and efforts, your animal will grow into an adult and this will help him get to back to his original home away from the world. You need to supervisor and monitor his health and energy levels at all times.

Pou For Android, Mobile, iOS, Mac and Windows 2

This is not a new concept. Virtual pets have been around for quite some time now. Pou is also inspired from Tamaghachi type of a game where the player is required to provide food, entertainment and other regular facilities to the fiction creature. Pou gets very dirty and filthy if you do not bathe him regularly and his eyes start to bulge out when very hungry. The whole aim of the gaming app is to teach and practice the sense of responsibility. If you neglect the animal or shriek your duty then various visual changes in the animal will reflect your ignorance and negligence towards the pet. The main aim provide other options of using in house coins to purchase objects of interest and other power ups for the pet. The Pou app is workable on all types of mobile device software like android, iOS and windows. The app is also coupled with a large collection of mini games that feature the virtual pet pou. Playing any of those games leads to entertaining the pet. The app can also be configured for online playing so that you can involve your friends in the process.

To give it a try you may download Pou from the following links:

So any one who is interested in having a virtual pet ,Pou is the one for you. It might not be the cutest of cuddliest creature but feeding him, bathing him, entertaining him and above all giving him company will make you love him as a real pet.

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