PicsArt Free Download For iOS, Android, PC, iphone, Mac and Windows

PicsArt is a photo editing software which has been on Windows Phone, Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows. The application provides all the basic and advanced tools which can be used for modifying pictures and making them better by applying different effects and filters.PicsArt can also be used for sharing photos on different social websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

PicsArt Free Download


The most basic and important feature of PicsArt is its photo editing. There are a large number of filters which can be used for imparting a completely different layer to the photo giving it a ravishing look. The filters which can be added on the pictures include black and white, punch, instant, bleach, x process and blue. By using PicsArt, the brightness and contrast adjustments can also be made to any photo file. The user can easily brighten or darken the photo on a range from zero to hundred percent. Similarly, the contrast helps the user to add more color identity to a dark picture or a photo with weak colors.

PicsArt Free Download

PicsArt can prove to be ‘THE’ tool when it comes to cropping a picture, tilting it or rotating it. Any photo can easily be cropped by selecting the desired part of it and then discarding the remaining area. Similarly, the files can be rotated clockwise or anticlockwise and this can prove very useful for the photos which have been taken by slanting the camera.

Borders, Fonts and Frames:

PicsArt can be used for adding borders and frames to a photo. The application contains a large number of frames which are of many designs, colors and dimensions. The borders which have been included in the software’s library can be used for any occasion.

PicsArt Free Download

Fonts can also be added on any part of a photo and in any color. This option can be used for wishing a person on a special day or for simply adding a footnote on a picture. These features make PicsArt a very unique application and a must have for any photo lover.

Social Media:

PicsArt can prove to be a great tool for sharing the photos on social media. The program contains links of many sites which include Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Drive, Flickr, WordPress and Foursquare. Captions can also be added and additional text can be inserted as well while sharing a photo which makes the software a very useful one to have.

What’s more?

Besides all the features mentioned above, PicsArt offers so much more. The application contains many tools which are quite unique and simply amazing. The auto correction tool, color stamp tool and color replacement tool are some of the few tools which can be used for photo editing.

How to download it?

PicsArt can be downloaded by using the following link:

PicsArt Free Download

Once the download button present in the link is clicked, the installation window automatically appears and guides the user through the whole process without any fuss. The application can be used on the completion of the process and the whole experience is quite easy to learn.

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