Pic Stitch for PC, Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad

With the growing usage of mobile phones and smart devices, the use of inbuilt cameras of these gadgets is also on the rise. The photography feature of these devices is one of the key contributing factors towards the buyers buying decision. The greater the superiority of the image and video quality the better the device. With this trend on the rise, there are a number of supporting apps and softwares that are available to the users. You kind find loads of editing and picture enhancement apps that can definitely be a treat to use. With their advanced features and tools you can make your memories worth cherishing for a long time. One such app is the Pic Stitch. It is a collage making application that also allows you to edit and improve your captured pictures. It can be used on almost all kinds of smart devices including iOS, android and windows.

Pic Stitch for PC, Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad

The regular version of the app is available for free but for the professional version you have to pay a nominal amount. The pic stitch is all about making picture collages. It has a wide range of border and framing alternatives to offer. 32 to be very precise.The frames can also be edited according to your taste and choice and there can also be switching between aspect ratios. The thickness and color of the borders can also be changed but some of these features are restricted to the Pro version.

The picture editing tools include adjustments in contrast, brightness and picture saturation. The app is very user friendly and the interfere is attractive. It is designed like a dial which can be turned around to change between various settings and options. This saves time and efforts and lets you select precisely according to your choice.

Users can download Pic Stitch from the following links:

Although Pic stitch comes with a great number of options and features, there is still room for improvement. The number of filters available for various picture options are very limited. For more filters you have to spend money to buy Pic Stitch Extensions. There are however a good variety of stickers available to add on to your captured pictures and give them an interesting and fun outlook. As mentioned earlier the interface of the app is very user friendly and attractive. But it lacks the software capabilities to respond in a quick and smooth manner. Thus the entire idea behind the dial interface is sometimes compromised due to slow response from it. Sometimes other features of the Pic stitch also fail to respond quickly making it frustrating for the user.

Despite of the fact that Pic Stitch has its drawbacks it is still an interesting and fun app. Those of you who are fond of taking images and saving them in collage form, the app offers a great variety of options and features. The stickers add a bit of funk and younger appeal to the software.

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