PhotoScape Free Download , Windows 7/8/XP

PhotoScape is a photo editing program which can be downloaded for free on Microsoft Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The program is one of the top photo viewing and editing softwares and is incredibly quick, efficient and has a large number of really eye catching features. The software was developed by a Korea based company called MOOII Tech and released as a fun photo editing app which can also be used for viewing thumbnails. PhotoScape has English and Korean as the built-in languages but other language codecs can also be downloaded free of cost.

PhotoScape Free Download


PhotoScape contains a variety of excellent features and is the program with the most features available with it being absolutely free of cost. Even though it has a large number of options which can be used, the software is absolutely light weight and does not put an awful lot weight on the processor which is a huge plus. The most basic feature of PhotoScape is its photo editing option which allows the users to go through a variety of options. It also allows the users to view photos which have either been edited or not and has a slideshow feature too.The editing features which are available in PhotoScape include cropping photos and resizing them. Cropping can be done to any size and does not affect the quality of the pictures even a little.

PhotoScape Free Download

Similarly, the color, shade and balance of the photos can also be adjusted and this enables the users to brighten up the darker pictures and make them more presentable. Various GIFs and clip arts can also be added to the photos while they are edited by using the software which is a very easy thing to do. What is more is that a number of photos can be handled and managed by using PhotoScape and they can be renamed as well as a group which saves a lot of time and effort.

A unique feature of PhotoScape is that it allows users to print photos for different purposes and in different settings. Photos to be used on for making passports and other official documents can also be printed in front of a plain background. Another option which can be used in PhotoScape is collage making and in this feature, a user can use a number of photos to make a collection of them and put them in a particular arrangement.

 PhotoScape Free Download

An attractive feature of PhotoScape is the face finder and by using this option, the persons with a particular face can be searched all over the internet. A converter is also available with the software which can be used for changing the format of the pictures. A screen capture feature can also be used with PhotoScape which can take a screenshot of the picture on the screen of the device which is being used.

How to download it?

PhotoScape can be downloaded for free by using the following link and following all the procedures which are shown in the corresponding dialogue box.

PhotoScape free download

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