PES Manager game for pc, window 7/8/vista/xp

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people play soccer in school, college, professionally or just for fun. As the soccer world cup is held every four years, the fever of the game gets revived at an international level. The soccer fans all over the world look out any soccer related event that occurs in their vicinity. The smart phone and software market also offers a large variety games and apps on the soccer theme. PES manager is one such game.

PES Manager game for pc, window

PES manager is a soccer management game that keeps its players addicted to soccer on their mobile phones and smart devices. There is a misconception among new players that all sports management games require a lot of knowledge about the game and a dedicated long hours of practice. However this is not true at all for PES Manager.  Unlike the traditional soccer of sports management apps, Pes manager is aimed to entertain the casual gamers who do not have lots of dedicated playing time. they play for short durations whenever they get a chance.

 PES Manager game for pc, window

The app under consideration is a simple and user friendly and does not make the player get lost in the large number of complex features and settings. The game is based on the RPG style playing. The player has the option to select from a large number of internationally renowned and acclaimed players of soccer. There are atleast 1500 players from the European Soccer League.  The players are in the form of badges that are won through winning the soccer games. You can then organize your own team to improve your chances of winning.  The users of the game have the option to change team members and bring in substitutes before the start of each gaming session.

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The players win new badges as rewards for winning a game. There is a type of game prize draw that has the power of friendship points and energy balls at various levels.  Winning matches in the app leads to earning of energy balls which can be collected to gain premium quality prizes.

As the match proceeds further you are able to see the real action on the field. PES manager provides its users the option of seeing the match in real time or a fast forward mode. You also have the option to watch highlights. The main portion of game requires the setting up of game formations and teams.  According to many critics the user interface of the PES Manager is complex and slow in response. The control of players during the actual match is not up to the mark and sometimes you feel that you have lost control over your own players.  For all soccer fans however this is a lovely game that they cherish whenever they are free. So you can also go ahead and give it a try. Once you download you won’t be able to put it down.

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