Soundhound Free Download For Android: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

soundhound free download for android

Sound Hound is a music detecting software which allows the users to find the name of a song by humming it or playing it. The program has been developed by Melodis Corporation and can be downloaded on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Downloading Sound Hound is very easy and has a free version as well as a paid one. Features: Sound Hound contains many exciting features which have made hundreds of thousands of users download the application. The basic feature of the program is its ability to recognize a song when it is played close to the device. The user can also hum, speak or type the lyrics of the song to make the program detect the name of the song which make Sound Hound a great software to have. Sound Hound determines the names of the songs which are enquired about very accurately and without using too much time which is very convenient for the user. The program is very easy to understand and use as well which is one of the reasons why it is such a huge hit. The software has a huge library of songs which contains millions of articles which are divided on the basis ... Read More »

Facetime Free Download For iOS, Android, PC, iphone, Mac and Windows

Facetime free download

Facetime is a video calling software which has been released by Apple Inc. and released on iOS and Mac.The program can be downloaded on any Apple device which has a front camera called the Facetime camera. Similarly, the audio is available on any device which has iOS 7 or later as its operating system. Features: Facetime is the ultimate video telephony software which can be downloaded on any Apple device with the required specifications. The program allows the users to engage with each other in video calls as well as audio only exchanges. Facetime is known for its quality superiority over the other similar types of softwares which include the likes of Skype and Viber. By using the program, the users can make group calls as well as one to one connections. Groups can easily be made and the users can be added without any inconvenience which is another huge plus for the callers. The application also has an instant massaging option which allows the users to have small short term interactions with each other. Some emoticons and other graphics have also been included in the software which can add fun and color to the conversation. Adding and removing people ... Read More »

Shazam For PC (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Shazam For PC

Shazam is a music identification software which can be downloaded for free on Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows. The service was established in 1999 by Chris Barton and has its office in London. The program uses a small piece of song which has to be detected, converts it into a more readable version and compares it to a database which contains a host of songs from artists all around the world. If a match is found, the data is conveyed back to the device which shows it as readable text. Features: Shazam contains a lot of exciting features which are very reliable as well. The database from which the songs are compared contains more than eleven million songs which is a huge number and the program easily matched the input song to the one in the database without mixing it up. The user has to add a ten second long excerpt from the song into the software which is then encoded and matched and the results are then sent back to user. Another interesting feature of Shazam is that it allows the user to find a song by humming it which proves to be very fruitful when the user does ... Read More »

Talking Tom Cat 2 Free Download For PC Android, iOS, Mac and Windows

Talking Tom Cat 2 Free Download

Talking Tom Cat 2 is a game which has been released on Android and iOS. The application does impressions of whatever is recorded and fed to it in audio voice and ‘Tom the cat’ says it back in its own comical voice. The cat can also be tickled by touching it on the screen and many other actions can also be performed. Talking Tom Cat 2 has been developed by Outfit7 and has its headquarters in London and developing offices in the United States, Cyprus, South Korea and Slovenia. The characters in the game also repeat after the text which is added to the application and it also contains some videos which have been developed by Disney and Hollywood. The game is one of the most downloaded ones on iOS and Android and has recorded more than 1.5 billion downloads. Talking Tom Cat 2 contains a variety of tones and accents in which the cat can talk. The user can also adjust the speed with which the cat speaks which helps to increase the clarity as well. The episodes of the cat repeating stuff can be recorded as well and be posted and shared on YouTube and Facebook. There are ... Read More »

Dolphin Browser For PC (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Dolphin Browser for pc

Where the Android browser alternatives are concerned, Dolphin Browser (earlier Dolphin Browser HD) was a trailblazer when it propelled with a clothing arrangement of features, in the same way as signals and custom User Agents that let you stack portable or desktop versions of sites. Several years after the fact, the greater part of Dolphin’s rivals have made up for lost time peculiarity insightful, and Google keeps its stock browser the most perfect. Then again, because of a significant execution overhaul, Dolphin 8.8 swims ahead striking a fine harmony in the middle of execution and speed. Dolphin’s UI is misleadingly straightforward. Dolphin utilization tabbed skimming that gives you a chance to open an unbounded number of new pages by tapping the “+” sign. In any case a clever gimmick here is that you can rapidly examine through all your tabs by swiping over the top. In Chrome, Firefox, and Maxthon, you need to tap a few times to gone through all your tabs. Swiping in from the left provides for you get to twelve default (yet removable) bookmarks, in the same way as brisk connections to new wallpaper and Wikipedia. Swiping in from the right uncovers Add-ons and Themes, if ... Read More »

iCloud Free Download For iOS, Android, PC, iphone, Mac and Windows

iCloud Free Download

iCloud is at present the world’s most generally utilized distributed storage administration, arriving at 300 million clients in April 2013.that’s an assume that beats Microsoft’s OneDrive, at 250 million clients in May, also Dropbox, which just arrived at the 100 million client turning point in November a year ago. Yet while its opponents from Dropbox, Microsoft, and Google are generally utilized within business, iCloud has created a notoriety for being a short of what perfect business instrument. Simply run a Google seek on “iCloud” and “Business” and you’ll see precisely what we mean. Why this, and – all the more significantly – what’s going on with Apple to settle it? iCloud’s issues as a distributed storage administration for business are part and package of the reasons why it was made in any case. iCloud fills in as the connective tissue between different OSX and iOS gadgets, guaranteeing that the information and reports you use on, say, your iPad, will likewise be duplicated over your MacBook Pro portable computer and your iPhone as well. It’s additionally intended to make media documents available over all these gadgets, whether we’re discussing your iTunes music library or your iPhoto Photo Stream.   That ... Read More »

Momentcam For Android (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

momentcam for android

Have you been looking for a photography app for Windows? Momentcam for PC is just the one you are looking for. For the past year, the app is has been gaining a lot of popularity on various platforms such as Google Play and iTunes. If you have not heard of Momentcam before, the article will help you download the app. Just so that you know, the Momentcam has been developed by Hightalk Software Corp. and has quite a strong variety of reviews, ratings and downloads.   For Windows users, you can download Momentcam right on your PC. Android users can access the app on their devices.  How to Use With the help of a Momentcam, you can turn your friends and yourself into a woman or a wolverine. Yes, that’s right! The number of tools you can find under the app will help you edit your pictures as you want. In addition to changing the look of them, you can also share them on your favorite social network just with the help of a click. The app is free of complexities and comes with a simple interface so you will learn using it without spending much time. If you are ... Read More »

iMessage for PC: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

iMessage for PC

So you need iMessage for Windows, unfortunately Apple has not made a version of iMessage that deals with Windows interface. But you do not need to worry. There’s a workaround to make iMessage take a shot at Windows, then again, it’s not as simple to make it work legitimately. In the lines that follow, you will be provided with all the information you need to makeiMessage work and put it on your Windows system.Furthermore, you do not need to check compatibility, this works for all Windows powered devices. iMessage is a messaging app made by Apple and is preinstalled into a majority of their gadgets, such as their iPhone, iPad, and their Mac machines. This application enables users to send quick messages, pictures and videos to anybody on your contact list that likewise possesses a Mac. When you send an iMessage it sends to any or the majority of their gadgets on the off chance that they have that feature turned on. How to Download iMessage for Windows There is a trickusing which you can get the iMessageto work for Windows machines however note that it needs you to have an iOS gadget like an iPhone or iPad which you ... Read More »

Hill Climb Racing Free Download For PC, Android Windows 7/8/XP

Hill Climb Racing Free Download

Hill Climb Racing is a driving game which has been released on Android, iOS, Blackberry phones, Windows Phone and personal computer. The game features many vehicles and tracks and a very easy to understand controlling system. Hill Climb Racing contains an in game currency as well which can be used for unlocking more tracks and vehicles. Gameplay: Hill Climb Racing has a very simple gameplay. The only thing which the player has to do is keep the car on its wheels and keep on going as for as long as the fuel remains sufficient. There are many dips, highs and lows on the tracks which make the vehicles jump in the air at times. The longer the vehicle stays in the air, the more the coins are awarded to the player. Similarly, the coins which the player earns at the end of each stint also depend on the distance which is covered by the player. Covering a longer distance makes the player earn more coins while going on for a shorter time amounts for lesser coins.   The player can accelerate the vehicle by simply pressing the pedal on the right side of the screen. Similarly the brake/reverse pedal is ... Read More »

PicsArt Free Download For iOS, Android, PC, iphone, Mac and Windows

PicsArt Free Download

PicsArt is a photo editing software which has been on Windows Phone, Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows. The application provides all the basic and advanced tools which can be used for modifying pictures and making them better by applying different effects and filters.PicsArt can also be used for sharing photos on different social websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Features: The most basic and important feature of PicsArt is its photo editing. There are a large number of filters which can be used for imparting a completely different layer to the photo giving it a ravishing look. The filters which can be added on the pictures include black and white, punch, instant, bleach, x process and blue. By using PicsArt, the brightness and contrast adjustments can also be made to any photo file. The user can easily brighten or darken the photo on a range from zero to hundred percent. Similarly, the contrast helps the user to add more color identity to a dark picture or a photo with weak colors. PicsArt can prove to be ‘THE’ tool when it comes to cropping a picture, tilting it or rotating it. Any photo can easily be cropped by selecting the desired ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes