PowerAmp-a powerful music player For PC, Windows 7/8/XP

PowerAmp-a powerful music player For PC, Windows

Poweramp is one of the most powerful music players for android devices that play music files in an organized order. It also plays music files and other video formats without any distribution. PowerAmp, considered as one of the best music player applications for Windows and Android, is a multi-function music player. PowerAmp has been one of the top most paid music applications available on Android market for over a year. According to many users of Android phones, PowerAmp is the first paid music applications that they have purchased from the app store. There is no doubt that PowerAmp for Windows is one of the best choices of people, who wish to have a good music player for PC. This article will shed light on the important features of the application and how you can download PowerAmp to enjoy its amazing features. Amazing Features of PowerAmp: Because of the excellent features of PowerAmp, it has managed to gain popularity and has established a good reputation among many different music player apps present in the market. This amazing music player has all the necessary features that one may need for listening music on Windows or Android. The major advantages and features PowerAmp ... Read More »

Microsoft Word Viewer For PC, Windows 7/8/XP

Microsoft Word Viewer For PC

Microsoft Word Viewer is a program which can be used for viewing and printing the documents which have been made on Microsoft Word. The software has been released by Microsoft and is available for download on Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Word Viewer is very easy to install and use and is one of the simplest Microsoft releases to date. The software has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and this can be attributed to the fact that it runs smoothly on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 98 and Windows Vista. Features: The main feature which is used in Microsoft Word Viewer is that it allows the users to view any document which has been made on Microsoft Word. It also allows users to print it by using a printing device and these options allow the users to scan a document for errors and correcting them beforehand. One huge advantage which makes a user download the software despite already having Microsoft Word is that it can support a range of formats. The formats of files which can be opened include .doc, .docx, .docm, .txt, .rtf, .htm, .html, .wps and .wpd. The formats can also be interchanged by using the ... Read More »

Minecraft Download Free For PC Windows

Minecraft Download Free For PC Windows

Minecraft is a game which has been developed by Mojang and released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. More than 50 million copies of Minecraft have been sold and it is one of the most famous games of its genre which have ever been produced. The game contains elements of combat, construction and exploration and this makes it a very interesting game to play and a pretty challenging one as well. The player has to gather resources from around the map and use them to improve the financial position of the team. Game Modes: Minecraft contains a variety of interesting game modes each of which has its own targets and missions. In the survival mode, the players have to acquire wealth and use it to survive against an enemy. They also have to keep a check on their health and ensure that the team survives no matter what the cost is. Minecraft also contains a creative mode in which the player is given an unlimited amount of resources and they have to construct and develop without worrying about the hunger and health of the team. The hardcore mode is just like the survival mode ... Read More »

Feel the joy of running through different cities with Subway Surfers

different cities with Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is an ‘endless running’ game that is co-developed by Kiloo, a private organization located in Denmark and SYBO Games. This game is available on Windows phone, iOS and Android phones app stores. The player takes the role of a hooligan who takes off down the railway tracks, because of applying graffiti to a metro railway site, to run away from the inspector and his dog. As the hooligan runs they collect gold coins on his way while dodging collisions with trains and other objects. Subway Surfers was released in May 2012 with different updates that were based on seasonal holidays. Since January 2013, the updates have been designed to a ‘World Tour’ theme that introduces different places every month. Since July 2014, almost seventeen cities have been added into the game and the current version of the game is in Los Angeles. Plot of the game: The story of the game is very simple. The player controls Jake who is a graffiti artist having irresistible urge of drawing his graffiti on subway train. The police inspector and his dog are continuously running after him in order to catch him. The dog recognizes him in the middle of his ... Read More »

Amazon Kindle ebook For PC, Windows 7/8/XP

Amazon Kindle ebook

The Amazon Kindle, designed and marketed by Amazon.com, is a series of e-book readers. Amazon Kindle devices allow the users to download, shop, browse and read e-books, magazines, newspapers, blogs and other digital media through wireless networking. The hardware platform was developed by Amazon.com subsidiary Lab126, started as single devices and now contains a wide range of devices including Android-based tablets with color LCD screen and enthusiastic readers with E Ink electronic paper displays. Kindle can easily be downloaded through different websites. Kindle Applications Amazon introduced a ‘Kindle for PC’ app in late 2009 which is available as a free download for users of Microsoft Windows8, 7 XP and Vista. This application provides you with a wide range of book to read on your personal computer in color without any requirement of Kindle unit. The company, in the early 2010, introduced a version for the AppleMacintosh. Later in June 2010, the company released a version designed for Android phones with the name ‘Kindle for Android’. The versions for the Apple iPhone, iPad, Blackberry cellphones and Windows and Mac computers were later introduced through the help of Google Android application. In January 2011, the company introduced Kindle for users of Windows ... Read More »

Hotspot Shield For PC: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Hotspot Shield For PC

Hotspot shield is a virtual private network creator which allows users to surf the internet without worrying about their privacy. The settings of Hotspot shield allow the users to access every website there is without disclosing any personal information. The software can also be used for bypassing any blockade which exists on any particular website and by using this feature the users can easily use any website on the internet. Hotspot shield was developed by AnchorFree and was released on Microsoft Windows and Mac in April 2008. The software was made available for downloading on iOS in 2011 and on Android in 2012 and has recorded hundreds of thousands of downloads on all platforms. Features: Hotspot Shield can be used for bypassing a security firewall which exists on any website across the internet. This is done by the software creating a VPN or a virtual private network between the device which is being used by the user and the web address which is being accessed. This arrangement allows the users to preserve their details and privacy and enables them to surf the internet safe and secure. Hotspot Shield also allows users to protect their information from being used by third ... Read More »

Format Factory Free Download For PC, Windows 7/8/XP

Format Factory Free Download

Format Factory is a program which has been developed by Chen Jun Hao and released on Microsoft Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The software can be used for converting the formats of files of various types which include audio, video and pictures. Format Factory is available to download for free and is very simple to use and easy to understand. It contains a wide range of formats of all types of files and they can be changed from or converted to without any imperfection. The program has recorded thousands of downloads across all platforms and this shows its absolute success. Features: As mentioned above, Format Factory can deal with the formats of photos, videos and audio files. The photo formats which are included in the list of formats available are JPG, PNG, ICO, BMP, GIF, TIF and TGA. The photos can be converted to or from any of these formats and without putting in too much effort as well which is a huge plus. Converting a file is very easy and not too challenging and the user only has to put in the name of the format in which the file has to be changed. In some cases in other ... Read More »

My Video Converter : Free Download For PC, Windows 7/8/XP

My Video Converter

My Video Converter is a video format converting and video handling application which can be downloaded for free on Microsoft Windows and Mac. The application has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and has received positive reviews from the critics as well as users. My Video Converter works by changing analogue to analogue or digital to digital videos and changes their format without damaging their quality. Users can download videos from YouTube, MetaCafe, Vimeo and Daily Motion and change their format to the desired one like AVI or MP4 which can then be run on any device. Features: My Video Converter is not only a video format changer but it can also be used for a variety of other purposes. The software can be easily used for editing videos as well in a very of ways. Different images can be added in the video and music and effects can also be put into it while converting its format. The formats which have been included as options for conversions include AVI, MP4, WAV and MP3. The videos can be changed to and from any of these formats and this provides the users with a good deal of options. My Video ... Read More »

PhotoScape Free Download , Windows 7/8/XP

PhotoScape Free Download

PhotoScape is a photo editing program which can be downloaded for free on Microsoft Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The program is one of the top photo viewing and editing softwares and is incredibly quick, efficient and has a large number of really eye catching features. The software was developed by a Korea based company called MOOII Tech and released as a fun photo editing app which can also be used for viewing thumbnails. PhotoScape has English and Korean as the built-in languages but other language codecs can also be downloaded free of cost. Features: PhotoScape contains a variety of excellent features and is the program with the most features available with it being absolutely free of cost. Even though it has a large number of options which can be used, the software is absolutely light weight and does not put an awful lot weight on the processor which is a huge plus. The most basic feature of PhotoScape is its photo editing option which allows the users to go through a variety of options. It also allows the users to view photos which have either been edited or not and has a slideshow feature too.The editing features which are ... Read More »

Driver Booster Free Download For PC (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Driver Booster Free Download

Every serious PC user needs to keep their drivers up to date at all times. However, most of the users – even experienced ones – usually forget to install revisions of the drivers despite being aware of its necessity and its benefits. When the latest drivers are added to the system, the performance of the unit is enhanced several times over. IObit has designed the Driver Booster as a simple, easy and handy solution for the purpose of detecting drivers in the system that have been outdated. Moreover, Driver Booster also downloads the relevant drivers and installs them on your system. The program carries out the entire activity automatically. The user only needs to click the mouse a number of times in order for the operation to be completed. Driver booster is absolutely free, however, there is a “Pro” version of the application that requires payment. The user of the Pro version is given priority and gets the files much faster than others. The product can be installed easily since there is no requirement of more resources for its proper working. There is no addition of third-party software while installing this software into your PC. Features: The application offers a ... Read More »

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