Opera Mini Free Download For PC

The Opera Mini is a popular web browsing software that is optimal for using on mobile phones, smart devices and personal computing gadgets. Previously it was only available on Java ME enabled devices but now it is compatible to run on android, iOS, Symbian OS, Bada and even the windows smart phones. Opera Mini is a free downloadable software or app that is sometimes already installed in the mobile devices or provided by the mobile service provided as a marketing deal. The software company mostly makes money by getting search engine advertising deals, licensing the software to large corporations and paid book marks e.t.c.

Opera Mini Free Download For PC

The Opera Mini is a modified version of the popular web browser Opera Web Browser used in computer systems. It has been evolved specially for the smart devices being excessively used in the market.

The operations of the app is such that a request for any webpage is made to the Opera Software server which then directs them to the mobile device in a compressed and processed form. This activity makes the transfer much more faster and quicker because the data that is transfer is decreased and does not take as much time. There is however an exception for websites that are somewhat interactive and may require processing through Java Script and hence have compatibility and functionality issues on this browser.

Opera Mini free download for pc

Previously there were very little options available for iphone users when it came to the web browsing category. The only good app was Safari but it lacked the speed and features. With the launching of the Opera Mini the fast internet connectivity has become convenient. This is because it does not take data directly from the internet but is routed from the opera server as already mentioned above.

The Opera Mini app offers both full versions and mobile adjusted websites. Choosing the first option sometimes creates navigation issues on the cell phone. The screen can be zoomed in and out by tapping and pinching like all other apps. It has a user friendly history list and a start page with a 9 tiled outlook. Here you can keep saving your most used webpages for easy and quick access. The google task bar is also an added feature of the Opera Mini app. This is also ideal for quick short time internet searches and saves a lot of time.

You can download Opera Mini app from the link:

One drawback of the Opera Mini App is that it does not run websites that are supported by Flash Players. Hence many popular websites like youtube cannot be viewed using this browser. The data security is also somewhat comprised in this browser. This is because all information is routed through the Opera Software Servers.

So for those who are looking for speed in their internet browsing, Opera Mini app is the best option. It is free and is compatible with almost all smart devices in the World.

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