Minecraft Download Free For PC Windows

Minecraft is a game which has been developed by Mojang and released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. More than 50 million copies of Minecraft have been sold and it is one of the most famous games of its genre which have ever been produced. The game contains elements of combat, construction and exploration and this makes it a very interesting game to play and a pretty challenging one as well. The player has to gather resources from around the map and use them to improve the financial position of the team.

Minecraft Download Free For PC Windows Minecraft Download Free For PC Windows

Game Modes:

Minecraft contains a variety of interesting game modes each of which has its own targets and missions. In the survival mode, the players have to acquire wealth and use it to survive against an enemy. They also have to keep a check on their health and ensure that the team survives no matter what the cost is. Minecraft also contains a creative mode in which the player is given an unlimited amount of resources and they have to construct and develop without worrying about the hunger and health of the team. The hardcore mode is just like the survival mode but much more difficult than that. All the difficulty settings are changed to the maximum level and the players cannot re-spawn and start again and have to delete their world and army if they get defeated.


In Minecraft, the player has no fixed tasks at hand and can play a game in a variety of ways. The game is set in first person by default but can also be played in third person. The player has to manage 3D cubes or blocks and has to replace one by the other to develop the area. The maps contain many items which are made up of blocks as well like trees, dirt and rocks.

Minecraft Download Free For PC Windows

At night time in the game, the player encounters many enemies like huge spiders, beasts, zombies, skeletons and wild animals and therefore they try to stay away from dark and gloomy places like caves and corners. The other non-playing characters in the game include friendly animals and villagers. The friendly animals include cattle, hens and pigs and appear in daytime. On the contrary, the wild animals only appear at night just like zombies and only harm the player.

How to download the game:

Downloading the game is quite simple and it can be done by following the game’s official website.

Minecraft Download Free For PC Windows

The player has to explore the map and other elements in the game and this can be done by going to the places in the world where they have not been before. The gravity system in Minecraft does not affect many of the cubes which can be used for construction and hence, seems a little unrealistic.

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