Metal slug defense for pc, window 7/8/vista/xp

As the name depicts, Metal Slug Defense is an extension game of the famous gaming series by SNK called the Metal Slug. It has three successful parts before and now there is the fourth version. It is a 2 dimension video game that has a side scrolling gameplay. It is based on the gun and run arcade theme of the original concept. Although it is not the same level of gaming experience, metal slug defense has its own appeal and charismatic charm to it.

Metal slug defense  for pc, window

The original metal slug was ported to the mobile smart devices but it did not have very good controls on the touch screen format. But the metal slug defense has an improved user interface and is specially design to fit the mobile screen limitations. It is compatible with both android and iOS and has a wide range of game title to offer the players. In the original metal slug player act as the soldier in the game and take hold of a weapon, run forward and avoid any obstacles that come in his way. There are several levels to complete and all of them are filled with enemy soldiers and other creatures that need to be shot constantly. On the other hand in the metal slug defense, the player is in control of a base camp that lets new soldiers come out on a regular basis and fight with the enemy. The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy bas camp that is located on the other side of the game. Thus the players of metal slug defense are actually controlling and managing a fleet of soldiers rather than just one.

Metal slug defense  for pc, window

The controls are simple and effective. You can simply tap on the single unit that glows blue in color. This will help the player take control of that unit and direct them to throw grenades at the enemy or make them build any battlefield obstacle. The winning of one level unlocks other soldier units that can be used in forthcoming battles and fights. Although the entire gameplay of the metal slug defense is different from the original series, it does act like a positive addition to the metal slug franchise. The visuals of the game are highly appreciated with beautifully crafted sprites and a great addition of music.

You can download metal slug defense from the following links:

The game can be downloaded for free and there are several elements that might need upgrades. There is the concept of collecting and earning coins but the motive and use is hidden without any explanation. The game is also available in the multi-player mode to enhance the competitive strength of the app. Overall the metal slug defense is one app you must download and spend your time with. It has many features of the Metal Slug series but in many aspects it seems like a different game altogether. It is a good time pass and requires skills, strategy and energy to play.

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