Metal Slug 3 For PC: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

The original game called Metal Slug has released in the 1990s,  by the famous gaming giant SNK. One of the most cherished themes of video games in the 80s and 90s was the gun and run style. Based on a traditional arcade platform the game was an instant hit in the world of video games. The extraordinary feature of the game was its hand-made artistic backgrounds and settings and the superior quality animation. The game featured a large number of characters that made the game better than the rest of its competitors. Metal Slug 3 is the third version of the same series. Being a sequel to its predecessors, the game has an extraordinary collection of music specially developed by the noise factory. Metal slug 3 was initially launched in the year 2000 but later on it was exported to various other platforms including the Xbox, Playstation 2, Xbox 360, Steam, Android and iOS. You can also download Metal Slug 3 on your smart device and get a feel of the real thrill yourself.

Metal Slug 3 For PC

During the course of its evolution, the game Metal Slug 3 has brought about many new features and innovations to the original version. The game has some of the most incredible graphics and offers its players different advanced weapons and their upgrades to play.  Although the entire series is a big hit, metal slug 3 holds the top position among them. For all smart phone users and mobile device owners, the game does present a little problem in controlling through the touch screen but overall it provides a great gaming experience to the players. The gameplay is similar to a run and gun app but it comes with five levels that can be expanded to the transverse stages. Going through the levels you can enter branching ways and paths that may lead you to a totally different environment of the game. the ultimate goal of the game ends up where the fight begins. The game features four different characters that can be played with. There are advanced weapons that can be allotted to them and a wide range of vehicles that can be hopped on.

Metal Slug 3 For PC

Metal slug 3 is a treat for all the thrill and adventure lovers. Being around for more than a decade, the game did not put much effort in reaching the top of the mobile app market. Because the game was initially designed for physical controlling hardware, it does offer some limitations of smart devices and their touch screens. You need to have great practice and precision to make the right move. But despite of this the game’s popularity has not decreased at all. The game comes in three levels of difficulty and provides its players some very challenging missions.

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The ultimate goal of the game is to shoot the continuous stream of enemies that come their way. As you progress you will reach the end of every level and get to fight a major enemy target to complete the level and move on to the next.

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