kik messenger download for PC: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

With the advancement of technology, mobiles phones have also become modern. With different features and applications, they have become one of the favorite belongings of people.  Many people use instant messaging and text messaging to communicate with their colleagues or friends other that the social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Mobile phones have become enveloping device that the present generation has grown acquainted to. Text messaging have become the important way of communicating with each other.

With the innovation of phones that are designed around SMS communication, the trend of text messaging is being promoted convincing the users to purchase unlimited messaging packages, that different mobile companies offer.

Most people download different instant messaging apps, such as Yahoo IM, AIM, Windows Live Messenger and BlackBerry Messenger, users of BlackBerry are familiar with this messenger. These applications are an amazing way of communicating with people and have their drawbacks and at times can be very annoying for mobile phone users, but as the future reveals there are news ideas that are springing from brilliant entrepreneurs, some ideas may end up being tricky but are user-friendly once to get to know them. A similar app ‘KIK’ is also designed for people who feel comfortable in communicating through text messaging.

kik messenger download

KIK Messenger is an instant messaging application designed for mobile devices. The app is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems and is free of charge. It is modeled after BlackBerry Messenger and uses the data plan of your smartphone or Wi-Fi to transfer or receive messages. It also allows its users to share sketches, pictures, mobile webpages and other content with their colleagues or friends. But for this, users have to register a username.

KIK Messenger allows its users to send messages to any mobile phone that has SMS capabilities offering free of charge messages when sending first 50 and after that the user is charged $0.009, which is pretty cheap, to send and receive messages. It makes sure that its users are not charged with any international fees by providing its users a local number in order to communicate with their friends or colleaguesso that none of them is charged any unrelated fees. The nicest thing about this application is that it notifies the users when they have received a message or when their message was received bit the recipient.

kik messenger download

Another great thing about this messenger is that people can chat with unknown people without sharing their information. All they need is a user ID to talk to them by maintaining a certain distance. This messenger has housed cute emoticons for every mood and situation making it easier for you to express your feelings through text messaging.

This messenger also allows its users group chatting i.e. multi user chat. The user can create his own group and can chat with people. Other than group chatting, users can talk in private conversations. This messenger is fast as it sends ad receive messages faster than any other instant messaging app.

There are many app stores where you can easily download the instant messaging app. Some of them are

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