Kakao Talk Free Download For PC, iphone, Android, iOS, Mac and Windows

KakaoTalk is a messaging application which has been released on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone as well as on Microsoft Windows. The application can be used for exchanging text messages with an individual or a group of people and is one of the most downloaded applications. KakaoTalk allows people to find each other and add them as contacts by synchronizing the application with the phone’s contact list.

Kakao Talk Free Download


The most basic and important feature of the app is its instant messaging option. This feature allows the users to exchange messages with each other straightaway and consumes very little time. KakaoTalk also has a wide number of cute and eye catching emoticons which can be used to add emotion and color to the messages.

The application has the ability to accommodate a large number of characters in one message which makes it easier for the users to convey all the want in a single message and eradicates the need of putting together multiple messages. KakaoTalk also has an instant voice message button which makes it possible for the user to record and send an audio note on the go.

An interesting feature of KakaoTalk is the Walkie-Talkie option which makes it possible for the users to use their devices as two sets of a Walkie-Talkie.By using this feature, the users can exchange short messages with each other without having to make a proper call.

Kakao Talk Free Download

Media Sharing:

KakaoTalk is one of the most reliable media sharer available. By using the application, users can exchange photos, videos and music files with each other at short time notice. There is a reasonably large number of megabytes which can be transferred from one device to another and is a very good feature to have.

Voice Calls:

KakaoTalk can also be used for making free calls from one device to another. Calls can be made to any contact which has been added in the contact list and there is no limit to the time for which the calls have been made. The program even allows conference calls to be made and is a great option for friends to catch up with each other. The voice quality is extraordinary and there are absolutely no interruptions in the calls and this sum up the quality of the application.

Kakao Talk Free Download

KakaoTalk allows the users to share their information with each other and let others know about their location with just one click. However, the privacy of the users has been considered very thoroughly by the developers therefore they have added a block feature which allows a user to keep away from any unwanted contact.

How to download it?

KakaoTalk can be downloaded by following the link mentioned below:

Kakao Talk Free Download

Clicking on the link opens up a window which shows a download button. Hitting the download button opens up an installation guide which automatically covers all the steps which have to be completed for the download to finish. Once the download is done, users can start to mingle with the friends by utilizing a very easy to use app.

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