Jetpack Joyride Game For PC: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Jetpack Joyride is a very interesting gaming app introduced by Half Brick software development company. The game launches a machine gun jetpack in a side scrolling mode or endless running action game. It was first introduced in 2011 for iOS devices but later on the app was extended to android users as well. It is also available on flash, playstation, black berry and even on the windows phone.

Jetpack Joyride Game For PC

Since its development the game has come a long way with lots of updates and bug fixes. It has also won some great awards and reviews. The plot of the game is simple. The player has to steal a jetpack from a confidential laboratory. The controls of the game are very effective and with one touch you can maneuver the jetpack according to your choice. Whenever you need to move the player up and forward, just touch the screen with one tap. When you stop pressing the screen the jet pack accelerator stops. The pace of the jetpack is not controllable through these controls and only moves it in a to and fro direction vertically. The aim of the game is to go as far from the start point as possible. You should avoid being hit by lasers, fire and missiles. Also you need to get as much gold coins and tokens that you can during your move forward. On your way you will also find some power up items that need to be collected in order to upgrade your performance during the game. The coins and tokens collected act as in game money that can be spent on buying outfits for the player, improved and more powerful versions of the jetpacks, vehicles boosts and one time use power ups like speed boosters, distance skips, death revival and much more. Coins can also be bought using in-app money.

Jetpack Joyride Game For PC

Keeping in view the additive aura of the game it can be safely said that anyone who starts playing would not stop easily and may spend hour and hours playing this game. By achieving certain targets and check points you get rewarded with stars which in turn help unlock newer levels and stages of the game.

you can download Jetpack Joyride from the following links:

The game has a fictional and whimsical approach and theme. With its excellent graphic quality and fast response time, it gives the player the ultimate satisfaction when it comes to game and software performance. The game is more of a luck based endeavor rather than technique and skill.

So for all those that are fond of gaming apps and softwares, jetpack joyride is an actual joyride of thrill and adventure. It can keep you spell bound for several hours. The addictive nature of the game indulges you to play just once more and you end up playing again and again trying to overcome the obstacles and travel as far in the game as possible. so if you still have not taken the jetpack joyride, I suggest you try it!

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