itools Free Download For PC, iphone, Android, iOS, Mac and Windows

iPhone iTools is a file and apps manager that is available for free. It serves as a synchronous assistant for several devices including iPhone, iPod, and iPad. iTools assists users in downloading and uploading photos, video and music from any idevice and PC with great ease. It is a handy tool for transferring and managing you apps, music, photos, files, and videos from the idevice to the computer. The best thing about iTools is that it supports the iPhone, iPod and iPad Touch.


With the help of iPhone iTools, users are able to manage their Apple devices via an interface on the PC. User can import pictures, manage their applications and carry out other functions with the help of this easy –to –use convenient program.

itools Free Download For iphone

Moreover, apart from all the features that are part and parcel of an application that helps you manage the data on your idevice, iTools also offers another feature: it allows you to make ringtones from the music that is available on your computer. The ringtone created in this manner can be loaded onto your idevice.  The only thing the user needs to do in order to create a ringtone is to choose the track and let the application perform the rest of the functions.

The iPhone iTools application also allows users to access the backup files of your iTunes and the app store. This helps you in pulling old data as well as the new one. The user can not only retrieve the data but also pictures, music and video files with utmost convenience.

When the user sees the list of installed applications on the device, he will also be able to see three different buttons opposite each one. These buttons perform three different functions: uninstalling of the application, backing up data for new application, and seeking the file information of the application.

Users must, however, keep in mind that a few images are loaded slowly. The waiting time is in no way inconvenient but if there are a lot of applications installed on your device, the time can become a little longer.

iPhone iTools is a very useful application that offers a novel interface as well as list of valuable features that allow users to manage their idevice in a simple, easy and convenient manner. The application is absolutely free and serves as an answer for all those users who are seeking an app that can perform many different functions for them in a very easy manner.

Users do no need to install iTools on their computers. There are neither ads nor plugins in the application. It can manage all the data on an idevice. It also provides assistance in installing, deleting and backing up the applications on an idevice.

iTools application is compatible with all the widely used operating systems. It can be easily downloaded for free from the link below:

Itools Free Download For Iphone

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