Instasize For PC Android, iOS, Mac and Windows

InstaSize is an amazing editing tool for images which is designed to make sure that everyone of your images is displayed fully on the Instagram. This isdone by carrying out enhancements, adding background with colors, stitching images and / or adjusting them. All these operations are carried out with the help of smart and clever cropping that is self-managed. The final results are comprehensive and much better than the auto-cropped images that are featured in Instagram. But there is a lack of additional features of editing that limit the scope of the application in several ways.

instasize for pc

First of all, the user must select an image that he / she can use in the application. This image can be takes from a camera or can be selected from an existing gallery. In the next step, users can add several background colors, insert into stitched interface, or add more pictures into the same layout.

There are no more editing options for resizing or cropping the picture other that the basic ones. The background too are rather commonplace. The application has a cool interface. The share menu takes just a little bit too long to load. Moreover, there are ads that also hinder the speed of the application.

InstaSize provides another very important tool that has not yet been offered by Instagram. There are a few restriction owing to the limited options for sharing, and intrusive ads. However, a user can enjoy the application despite these trivial misgivings. Instasize appropriates the size of an image instantly so that it can be integrated without the need for cropping it on Instagram. The application also makes collages, filters and adds layers, borders and texts.The layouts are crisp and reflect the style of Instagram. The access to the settings and features is very easy and quick.

When a user begins taking photos with his / her camera, it is immediately resized in order to make them ready for posting without much difficultyand the minimum of steps. The user may also choose to edit the image further.

The resizing process is very quick; the user may pinch and resize or utilize the slider and move the pictures to that particular areas could be zoomed in. The stitch feature in Instasize can integrate five photos in several available templates for collages. There are some great filter effects that can be applied, overlays can also be added to the images along with texts with thumb swipes. Users also get an option to switch to the previous version of the application.

Instasize works remarkably well on Android device. It offers perfect synchronization between Instagram and the user’s camera making it comparatively easier to use rather than some other graphics application. It also offers great opportunities for editing and posting pictures on the go.

Instasize can be downloaded from the following link:

instasize for pc

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