iMessage for PC: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

So you need iMessage for Windows, unfortunately Apple has not made a version of iMessage that deals with Windows interface. But you do not need to worry. There’s a workaround to make iMessage take a shot at Windows, then again, it’s not as simple to make it work legitimately. In the lines that follow, you will be provided with all the information you need to makeiMessage work and put it on your Windows system.Furthermore, you do not need to check compatibility, this works for all Windows powered devices.

iMessage for PC

iMessage is a messaging app made by Apple and is preinstalled into a majority of their gadgets, such as their iPhone, iPad, and their Mac machines. This application enables users to send quick messages, pictures and videos to anybody on your contact list that likewise possesses a Mac. When you send an iMessage it sends to any or the majority of their gadgets on the off chance that they have that feature turned on.

How to Download iMessage for Windows

There is a trickusing which you can get the iMessageto work for Windows machines however note that it needs you to have an iOS gadget like an iPhone or iPad which you will need to jailbreak first. In case the company finds out, then your guarantee will no longer be valid. It is best to ensure that you use the app when it is not under the guarantee period.  To utilize iMessage for Windows machine follow the steps mentioned below, remember to go by them step by step so the installation is done in the right manner:

Following links can be used for downloading the application:

iMessage for PC

  1. Exchange and introduce Remote Messages on your iOS gadget like your iPhone or iPad. Your iOS gadget has now successfully been jail broken.
  2. When you’ve got Remote Messages set up on your iOS gadget, open the settings and go to Remote Messages. Note your “Current settings” and move to your Windows machine smart phone and enter in the same IP address into the online program.
  3. When you unite with Remote Messages this will permit you to send iMessage for Windows. You may need to have your iOS gadget with you and ensure that you are using the same Wi-Fi connection for both devices.

Use the above method to get the iMessage app for Windows and PCs, however you will not be able to do without an Apple device in case you do not have one.

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