Hill Climb Racing Free Download For PC, Android Windows 7/8/XP

Hill Climb Racing is a driving game which has been released on Android, iOS, Blackberry phones, Windows Phone and personal computer. The game features many vehicles and tracks and a very easy to understand controlling system. Hill Climb Racing contains an in game currency as well which can be used for unlocking more tracks and vehicles.

Hill Climb Racing Free Download


Hill Climb Racing has a very simple gameplay. The only thing which the player has to do is keep the car on its wheels and keep on going as for as long as the fuel remains sufficient. There are many dips, highs and lows on the tracks which make the vehicles jump in the air at times. The longer the vehicle stays in the air, the more the coins are awarded to the player. Similarly, the coins which the player earns at the end of each stint also depend on the distance which is covered by the player. Covering a longer distance makes the player earn more coins while going on for a shorter time amounts for lesser coins.

 Hill Climb Racing Free Download

The player can accelerate the vehicle by simply pressing the pedal on the right side of the screen. Similarly the brake/reverse pedal is present on the left hand side of the display.While in the air, the player can also do forward and backward flips which result in more coins being awarded. Forward flips can be done by accelerating the vehicle while it is in midair and backward flips can be done by pressing the brake button while the vehicle is in the air. Multiple flips can be done as well when the car is taking a jump and the number of flips depends on how much time the car took for coming down after a jump.

Vehicles, tracks and upgrades:

Hill Climb Racing contains a variety of different vehicles which can be played with. When the game starts, only the jeep is available for driving but by accumulating coins, the player can unlock new vehicles like rally car, race car, a bus, a monster truck, a tank and many other automobiles. Each vehicle has its own specifications and different qualities by which the performance of the car can be measured include fuel tank, down force and acceleration.

Hill Climb Racing Free Download

There are various tracks available as well including highway, moon, forest and desert. Most of the tracks have to be unlocked as well by spending coins. The performance of the vehicles can be upgraded as well to make them last longer and to achieve competitive scores.

Fuel is a very important part of the game and the player has to keep an eye on the tank all the time. There are certain fuel refills available throughout the track and enable the player to carry on for longer.

Downloading the game:

The game can easy be downloaded and installed by following this link:

Hill Climb Racing Free Download

Opening the link and clicking the download button opens up an installation window which guides the user throughout the process.

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