Garageband For iOS, Android, PC and Windows

Garageband is an app created by Apple which covers everything related to music and designed especially for budding musicians and podcasters. Like most apps, Garageband’s original version, 1.0 was loved by iOS users since it came with a wide range of amazing apps. But for some loyal Garageband users, the 2.0 version was a bit of a disappointment. Even though, Garageband was created especially for iOS, it can still be used on Android smart phones and Windows. If you didn’t know there was an app named Garageband; read on, download the app and see it for yourself.

Garageband For iOS, Android, PC and Windows

At a first glance, the newer version of Garageband comes with the ability to store more music, better inter app compatibility, an option for synchronizing files with iCloud, ability to share via Air Drop and a comparatively flexible sampler. Even though the application has been updated, it still pretty much works the same way like it used to. First of all, Garageband is a free application that can be downloaded through the iTunes store but the device should be running on iOS 7. In app purchases that can be made in order to add more advanced features costs $5. Garageband’s free version comes with three built in instruments that are drums, keyboard and smart guitar that has eight standard sounds. The audio recording instrument is also present in the free version. But users can pay extra five buck to get cool new features like the smart keyboard, smart drums, smart bass, smart strings, guitar amp and a better sampler along with 157 different present sounds to choose from. These features are free for those users who have already purchased this application for iOS.

Garageband For iOS, Android, PC and Windows 2

Let’s talk about the new features now which most users feel are more inclined towards technological improvement rather than improvement in terms of music. One of the great new features of the latest version is that up to 16 tracks can be recorded in comparison to the older version. However, the device in use must be running on iOS 7. More comprehensive inter app communication is another improvement that can be seen in the newer version of Garageband. This is good news for those who want to integrate third party applications in the application for a better result. Some of the instruments that have tried and tested compatibility with Garageband 2.0 are Arturia’s iSEM, NLogSynth Pro by Tempo Rubato, iMini Synths and AmpliTube by IK Multimedia.

If you’re looking for a website to download this application, check out:

Garageband For iOS, Android, PC and Windows

Garageband 2.0 saves recorded tracks automatically on iCloud and tracks can also be shared by using the Air Drop feature. These are some of the features of the latest version of Garageband. Even though some changes have been made in the application over time, it is still gold. Garageband is an app created and designed especially for iOS users but there are some websites that have developed versions for Android and Windows users as well.

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