Fruit Ninja Game Free Download For, Android, iOS, PC, Windows 7/8/XP

Available for both Android and iOS users, Fruit Ninja are a highly addictive and playful game. Many people consider video games and entertainment apps as a sheer waste of time and effort, however those who are in favor argue that such games help build on mental and reactive skills and at times can give relaxation from the tensions and stresses of day to day life. With the proliferation and saturation of the smart devices and mobile phones in our daily lives, development of softwares and apps to support these devices are also on a growing trend. There are thousands of gaming apps available for users to choose from. Fruit Ninja is one such gaming app that is available free of cost.

Fruit Ninja Game Free Download For, Android, iOS, PC, Windows

Although anyone who has used a mobile device must have played Fruit Ninja once, there are still some people who are new to this game. As depicted through the name of the game, Fruit Ninja calls for the player to slice a series of fruits that are tossed on the screen in front of him. it may sound simple but it reality it is very tricky. At the start the pace of the game is slow, but as you move ahead, slashing the fruits becomes very hard due to the very fast pace of the tossing. You must hit the fruit before it slides down the screen of your device. The game requires skill, dexterity and quick action of the player. Once you have missed atleast three fruits from slicing, you lose and the game is over. There are also some added misleads in the game like sometimes a lighted bomb may be tossed instead of a fruit. You have to be careful and vigilant. If you strike the bomb, the game is finished. It is a game of wits and energy.

After you have downloaded Fruit Ninja app you can also opt to go for the Dojo option. This offers the players to choose new weapons to slash the fruits. It also allows earning of game rewards and changing blades and backgrounds.  There are options to post your scores online and come under a competition with your friends and other players of the game.

Fruit Ninja Game Free Download For, Android, iOS, PC, Windows 2

The game comes with three playing modes. The first is the Zen Mode that is a relaxed option. The number lives are infinite and there are no bombs or distractions in between. You bet 90 seconds to do your best. Then comes the arcade mode. This mode has various other features like frozen fruits, bombs and scores for achievements.

You can download Fruit Ninja app from the following links:

The game is aim of the game is simple. It has no strategy or tactic to follow but a pure game of effort and energy. The quicker you are to make decisions and react, the better your performance in the game. It has very good graphics and is easy to play on the smart device. The game is for all video game lovers

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