Fring For Android: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

The latest release in the mobile app for communication and messaging is the Fring. Its easy to download and use.  It works very smoothly and swiftly both on iOS and android smart devices. It is a modern technology app that is continuously improving and innovating its features and functions. It is a messaging app that help people connect with each in a cost effective manner. Users can send text messages, voice messages, make voice and video calls and group conversations.

Fring For Android

Once you have downloaded the setting up is easy and simple.  You simply boot in and start using the simple user interface. It allows convenient and easy navigation through various features and functions. You can then set up your own buddy list which is a funkier name given to the contact list. The app not only configures the contacts in the mobile phone book but also those that are specific fring users.  There are also options to view the chat history, open the dialer mode, view and edit the profile and much more.

The functions are easy to use and navigate. Whenever you have to send a message just tap on the contact from the buddy list and instant messages dialogue box opens. You are also given options for making voice calls, video calls or simple group messages. There is also the feature to invite people of your contact list to come and join the fring user group.

Fring For Android 2

One of the key benefits of using fring as a communication app is that it allows making easy connections between android and apple users. They can link together in one platform and make video calls with each other. It also provides the option of make group video calls. This is very useful and in demand feature. You can add up to four contacts in this video conferencing mode.  Coupled with this is the live feed mechanism that is generated through the conversation.

You can download Fring from the links provided below:

Compatible with many smart devices and operating systems, Fring starts working the moment you download and register through your ID and password. The interface is very user friendly and convenient. There are slight variations in the appearance of the app on iOS and Android devices. The Fring app provides the user the benefit of integrating the Fring app with other social networks like facebook and twitter. It can also integrate with many IM applications like google talk, msn, and yahoo messenger. One of the key advantageous offers of Fring is that it also allows making calls on landline and other mobile phones all over the world. The charges are nominal and cost effective.

The voice quality and connectivity is very good on 4G and wifi. The video quality is very impressive as well. But on 3G the results and outcomes are not so good. The overall performance of Fring is quite satisfactory. So if you are looking for an app to make free calls and messages then fring is a very good option.

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