Free Download Line App for PC Android, iOS, Mac and Windows

Along with the other Applications we have brought up the Free Download of Line App for PC, Android Mobiles, iOS, Mac and Windows Computers. Its all about the Line App for PC, Mobile, Laptops and other devices. In this modern age various Mobile Apps are being operated on Laptops, Personal Computers and other devices, so you have brought up some amazing details about the features of Line App.

What You Need To Know About Line!

Full with features App made for instant communication, the Pc version for this application is available for almost every platform (Android, iOS, Blackberry, Mac and Windows Smartphone). The line makes it easier for you to extent your chats from mobile to your computer. Now you can easily send and receive messages from your friends while sitting on the desktop. All you need is to use this App and send a number of stickers and emoticons to your friends.

Line is praised all over the net for being free and yet providing quality services. But is this app really worth of your time? Let us find out!


  • Easy Controls

From Home Menu to main interface, you will b able to see the lost of contacts. Just right click and the list will appear in a drop down menu. Along with the names, you will find options such as texting, video call, voice call, profile views and etc. with this easy to use interface, you conversation is just a matter of a few clicks.

  • Both Desktop and Mobile profiles can Sync up
  • Supports group chat
  • VoLP calls
  • Compatible with almost every platform
  • Can be minimized and will notify you of any recent activity with simple pop up and sound

  • Custom Contacts

You can now decide which contact you want to see most and who will get your updates. You now have the power of selecting individually which contact will be able to see your timeline. You can now hide anything you don`t want to show your contacts.


  • Simple Operations

No doubt Line works well but in order to enjoy every function, you need to use the mobile app. You cannot access the sticker store features from your PC, you will require your phone for it!

  • Issues in Video calling
  • QR code don`t work most of time
  • This app goes not show your current status. It can be hard to contact friends without knowing whether they are online or offline
  • You can view your profile but not the timeline. The same story is with your friend`s timeline
  • if you want to use Line for PC, you first need to set Line for Mobile

What Else to Know?

After seeing both cons and pros of this app, you must of wondering if it is worth it or not! Well know what, this app may lack all the latest features that you crave for. but it`s reliable, offers top quality, don`t lag and comes for free. So I will say it’s a fair deal. In case if you want the best, you can go and open up your purse for this purpose.

Final Take

This app lets you enjoy quality calls to other users. It’s a great app if your friends or family members are using it too. However, you can`t enjoy the Windows version without fist registering with the Mobile App. The best thing about Line is it`s for Free (for now!).

How to Download Line App for PC

If you are looking for the Line App Download for PC (Windows or Mac), then you can now download the Free Line App for Windows and Mac.

1. First of All Follow the Download Link and get the file.

Windows | Mac

2. Now run the file and Install Line App on PC.
3. Now you can Sign in with your provided email and password.
4. Now you are done, so start communicating with your friends and family on Line.

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