Fotorus for PC : (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Fotorus is a photo editing website which can be downloaded for free on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The application can be used for editing photos, cropping them, adding effects and making collages out of a variety of pictures. Fotorus has made available, more than 200 templates which can be used for collage making. The number of photos does not matter while making a collage by using the application because it can accommodate any number of photos in a very eye-catching way. Fotorus also contains hundreds of unique filters which can add life to any picture. The filters include black and white, punch, bleach, instant Litho, blue, Latte and vintage.

 Fotorus for PC

Making a Collage:

Collage making is one of the most efficient features of the application.Fotorus contains many templates and frames which can be used for making a collage and arranging the pictures in any sequence. The photos can be arranged horizontally as well as vertically depending on how they are taken and the application can adjust them to perfection.

Making a Collage in Fotorus

Different modifications can also be made once the photos are arranged. Text can be added to the finished collage so if you are looking forward to wishing a best friend on a special day, Fotorus is the weapon which you should use. Moreover, effects can also be added to the finished collage so that more life can be added to it and it is made more memorable.

Other Features:

Fotorus also contains an InstaMag feature which allows the user to edit the photos while keeping the requirements of Instagram in mind. A Pic-in-pic feature is also available in the application which allows the user to adjust two pictures according to their size and content. The pro-edit feature of Fotorus makes it possible for the user to modify images by using a wide range of tools. By using this feature, all the aspects of the photo can be modified including its texture, filters, colors, size and brightness. It also helps to crop a photo to a required size so that it can be adjusted in a collage or an unwanted object (or person) can be removed from it.

Other Features for Fotorus for PC

Fotorus can make a badly taken photo look extremely good by its wide range of image modification techniques. If you have a low quality camera or a device with low megapixels, you do not need to worry as long as you have Fotorus installed. The application can make a low quality image look good and a good quality photo, majestic.

How to install it?

Fotorus can be downloaded and installed for free from any website which is hosting it. One such website is given below:

Fotorus for PC

Once the link is followed, the installer guides the user through the process and makes him select a path for the installation to progress.

Using Fotorus:

Using Fotorus for editing photos is quite simple. To modify an image, the user simply has to select it and choose different effects and filters to apply. Collage can be made by choosing a set of photos and dragging them across the selected template.

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